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Monday, May 19, 2014

You will see this again...

RevWarIII is underway.  I am not going to stop reminding you of that fact.  The moment you lower your guard, you get tagged.

The Stamp Act, which ticked off more than a few Americans, was in 1765.

The Boston Massacre was five years later in 1770.

It would be three more years before Tea was dumped in Boston Harbor in the end of 1773.

Captain Parker and his men met the British about 18 months later in 1775.

More than a year would pass before the Declaration in 1776.

What is the point?  War is not always fighting and violence on every street in every town from the day violence begins until one side or the other is defeated.  Life goes on, often with little impact from the war.  This war will be no different, in many ways.  The first backfist was in October, 2013 when the Barry-cades were returned to sender.  The first time Americans took to arms in RevWarIII was about six full months later, and Lexington Green was in a wash in the desert of Nevada.  Mercifully there was no bloodshed.  Stunningly, for the second time in a row, the first two engagements of RevWarIII, .Gov backed down.  That is NOT an insignificant matter.  Do not think that will go unanswered.

How much time will lapse before the third engagement between Patriots and the Enemies of Liberty?  We can't know.  We do know there are hundreds of potential flashpoints across our beautiful country.  Connecticut and New York seem very possible.  We shall see. Just understand - we are at war even though enemy forces are not engaged in running firefights in your neighborhood - or any neighborhood - at the moment.  In theory, years may pass before the next confrontation - though I personally put zero faith in that likelihood.

I have said time and again that every answer we need was already given to us by our Founders and Framers.  On top of that, they warned us exactly what would happen if we ever failed to do our duty to enforce the limits of the Constitution upon those who would be our Masters.  They warned us.  Here we are.  They also showed us how to rectify the issue. 

I am going to add one caveat.  In RevWarI and RevWarII the victors failed to secure their victory.  In RevWarI too many Tories and Loyalists were permitted to remain among us.  Many Loyalists hid under the new title "Federalists", and our Jefferson's failed to kill them.  In RevWarII the Enemies of Liberty fighting for Lincoln left far, far too many Southrons alive.

The beauty of the English language is the ability to nuance, and to be surgically precise when you wish to be.  Concerned American used the word that you will now hear from me time and again when I discuss the aftermath of RevWarIII: Extirpate.  There is no other solution that is acceptable once the Enemies of Liberty have been routed from the control levers of our society.

Extirpate: verb - to root out and destroy completely.

Every man and woman in America after the field has been won must answer for their sins of violating the Liberty of their Countrymen.  Not slaughter.  Not genocide.  Not even violence in most cases.  But the people remaining in our midst who have demonstrated their willingness to act or support acts of willful violations of the Rightful Liberty of their Countrymen must leave the continent, and return on pain of death.  What of the stupid, uneducated, the people who infringed the Rightful Liberty of their neighbors without truly understanding what they were doing?  Patriots take the time to explain the Evil of the acts.  Patriots demand that the violator swear an oath to respect the Rightful Liberty of their Countrymen, on pain of immediate death for any further infractions.

But, my friends, we can not make the same mistakes that were made in both of our previous revolutions.  We simply can not leave Enemies of Liberty among us to breed and slowly, as Jefferson warned, pervert our country once again to tyranny.  Mercy must not be allowed to be defined as forgiving our errant Countrymen of their sins and permitting them to remain among us only to continue working quietly to undermine Rightful Liberty.

At Brock's NC PatCon last weekend a ground-breaking event took place.  Very serious and influential Organized Militiamen attended and met many of our most serious and influential III Patriots (all members of the unorganized Militia by historical precedent) and we began the work of building an alliance the likes of which has never been seen before in the Liberty Movement.  As Sandman noted in the evening as we all sat together and built trust, there were surely men and women at DHS running about as if their hair was on fire, for they never war-gamed this scenario.

There is no daylight, as far as I am concerned, between III Patriots and legitimate Organized Militiamen in America.  We will continue to build the bonds of trust and support.  We will work together to take dangerous people from the control levers of our society.  Sandman got the ball rolling, make no mistake about it.  For those of you already writing the history of RevWarIII, do not miss that fact.  Sandman trusted we III enough to put his credibility on the line to introduce us to the Commander of a significant Organized Militia.  To say we hit it off immediately would be an understatement.  And not only is Colonel Yingling a serious Patriot, his XO is also a squared-away Patriot.  They have my support.  Period.  We know who the Enemies of Liberty are and we know they are attacking us, right now.   Those attacks are not free.  Count on it.

Stand and be counted, III Patriots.  You probably have a Militia unit within a half-tank of gas from your front porch.  I would ask you to reach out, take the initiative and go meet them and shake their hands.  You don't need to join the unit.  Just let them know you support them.  Then find some way to prove you support them.

You want Rightful Liberty back in America?

It's on us.  The enemy has a plan.  The enemy trains - every flippin' day.  "Law Enforcement" Officers now train in ghillie suits - to snipe you.

We have a plan as well.  LGoPs will restore Rightful Liberty in days, if we move as one with serious intent.

Let's win.



  1. You had me right up until you said the problem with RevWarII was that too many Southrons were left alive.
    The problem with the war of Northern Aggression was that the wrong side won.
    Yes slavery slavery slavery blah blah blah...slavery would have been as dead as the buggy whip without the 'civil war', at roughly the same time, and for the same reason: The Industrial Revolution.
    If slavery was made illegal prior to 1861 and the South refused to follow the law you would have a point re: slavery and the civil war'.
    The so called Civil War was the POINT where, once and for all- at least until THIS RevWar is hashed out, that the .fedgov usurped the States and the People and the Constitution and has since ran roughshod all over all three.

    1. You misunderstand my point. Of course the wrong side won. But they made a strategic error in permitting the people of the South to live - for even now it is not merely a dislike of Yankees, it is not even hatred - it is a seething hatred that has festered for more than 150 years.

      From a purely strategic military perspective, the North f'd up by leaving too many Southrons alive - just as Patriots f'd up leaving too many Tories and Loyalists alive after RevWarI.

      Let us not make the same mistake...

  2. I thought the civil war was about property rights of plantation owners and trade policy transgressions

  3. A position on Extirpate

    I have been slowly evolving my Patriot doctrine for the post SHTF power vacuum for some time now. I run scenarios constantly in my mind, always analyzing this and that. In addition, I supplement many scenarios by surfing a number of the Liberty orientated blogs and forums.....one should never feel they can think to far outside of the box, so each post/thread digested is always an important read.

    As such, I haven't encountered much discussion yet about going full bore monster during the coming calamity. This war must be one of absolute attrition of one side by the other. Liberty or Tyranny must be resolute in their victory, there can be none left of the opposing side this time. In a nutshell, age and gender do not afford any living being the special status of non-combatant, no such person exists........

    1. Johnny: So you have come to the conclusion that "extirpate" is the only prudent outcome, yes? Do you also agree we allow the losers one chance to leave America forever, with their property - and if they refuse, we throw 'em on a bus or ship? And if they further defy an order to leave...sucks to be them?

  4. No........we are not quite on the same page in some regards.......

    When I mentioned "full bore monster" (FBM), I meant every ugly thing that conjures up. When things are at their hottest and swift action is the only path left to navigate, there can be zero non-combatants - everyone confronted is friend or foe. Those claiming neutrality must be treated as foe. Any household known to contain or determined to be aligned as a Regime Sympathizer means that ALL in that household are compromised. There is no detention. There is no relocation. There is only liquidation with no immunity. This must be a fight of attrition, to include full denial of the follow up generation to mature.

    It is a unlikely that any majority of the Liberty Movement would actually sign on for the wholesale relocation/exile of millions of people because of their neo-liberal ideology. The logistics alone would be overwhelming. I just don't see that being an obtainable reality. Therefore, during the period of open, ugly hostilities......I am conflicted about going FBM but I am giving it due consideration, with full awareness of the inhumanity involved.


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