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Friday, May 2, 2014

BonnieGadsden ponders how Bundy may keep himself and family safe...

**UPDATE**  I think BonnieGadsden is on to a master-stroke.  Patriots can't keep an eternal vigil at the Bundy Ranch in sufficient strength to keep the family safe.  What could Cliven do to put his family beyond touch?  Run for Sheriff.  Put himself in a spotlight that protects himself and his family.  The current Sheriff - who has proved useless - is up for election this November.  Cliven could drop into that race and own it.  What say you - Draft Cliven Bundy for Sheriff?  Here's a concept site.  I've got an email in to the family.

Sheriff Bundy?  Why not?  He certainly could win if he strikes while his issue remains current.

And the office of Sheriff is a political office, far more than a Law Enforcement office.

Here's the piece.



  1. This is a brilliant idea. I can just imagine the barrage of mis-information by the controlled media if this were to happen.

    And why wouldn't Mr Bundy be a qualified candidate? He is very familiar with the issues of the county, having lived there so long. He is an experienced, successful businessman and a family man.

    And he is honest, and not a part of the government machine.

    Great idea!

  2. How long to establish residency in Nevada? What about using the demoncrats method of merely registering to vote bit not showing any ID? How fast will Voter ID get to the top of the progs priority list when Bundy gets elected Sheriff?

  3. The man has enough balls to stand tall and tell the Feds to Eff Off. That's exactly the kind of Sheriffs we need in EVERY county.


  4. He is not a Dude, as in apprentice cowboy.
    He doesn't hang with Dudes.
    Departments Under Domestic Enemies Services.


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