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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Civilian National Security Force

This is a troop of Michigan State LEO
Are you ready to meet them?
They are ready to meet you.
And they train for it...

From Keystone & Will Grigg.

Now ask yourself - are you really training sufficiently?  Do you have enough ammo?  Enough friends?  Comms to reach those friends when bullets are singing to you?

Many Patriots in Michigan visit this blog daily.  The LEO above probably know where you live.  Where you work.  Where your spouse works and kids go to school.  They know what meds you take.  They know where you bank and buy groceries.  They know you come here and to WRSA. 

They know you do not like them.  They don't like you either.

Somewhere in one of their databases, on the calendar of some admin officer, your name is on a list.

On that day, you will not have a good time.

You will not last long enough for Patriots to arrive as they did at Bundy.

Of course - that assumes you intend to simply wait at home until the day they decide to come for you.

Don't be that guy.  Don't just hang around until a bunch of guys on a payroll decide to murder you.

And these guys are just itchin' to murder you - and the man standing next to you.

They want to come for you and watch you die.

Some people will claim you have no moral authority to defend yourself until they come for you.


Here's the piece.



  1. A knight does not sleep in his armor...

    Above all, he must eventually sleep...

    Things are looking pretty grim. Then again they always look grim to those who are natural pessimists.

    Fear is the mind killer. And the easiest way to fluster the enforcer is to show him, explicitly, that you do not fear him.

  2. I may be an amateur but that's a chick in the center bottom. and the 5 around back and one one right front look like they have correct paint and mean business. That being said dude on right looks like it was photo shopped from Heartbreak Ridge. I may be wrong and trying to lend a little humor to this.

  3. His from Wales I wish I lived over there I am awake I know the score best of luck for the coming tide of shit


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