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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Consider the Bundy Timelines

How many days did it take for these First Amendment Area signs to begin receiving play on Liberty blogs?  The III has a plan for that.

How long did it take for these images to get out of Bundy and onto our blogs?  Why were there so few emotionally-charged images?  Why was there only one or two shabbily-shot, badly-mic'd videos of dogs biting people and BLM striking pregnant women, and BLM tasering protesters?  The III has a plan for that.

Do you remember when the rumor circulated that cell towers had been shut down?  The panic swelled across the blogosphere.  And if the cell towers had indeed gone dark, there was ZERO capacity on the ground to continue getting the Truth out of the AO.  Well, the III has a plan for that.

Do you remember the general Cluster Foxtrot of bad information that was constantly coming our of the AO, causing people to chase their tails, and resulting in Militiamen putting scopes and muzzles on fellow Militiamen?  We know for a FACT that happened.  The III has a plan for that.

Do you remember during at least the first week Patriots and Militiamen were rolling into the desert with little more than a camelback or a few canteens and some energy bars?  How quickly did the logistical problem take to bubble to the blogs?  The III has a plan for that.

Do you know how many .Gov employees, automobiles, and other assets were captured on video or stills, analyzed, cataloged for future use, researched to learn names and pertinents?  Why were there so few images of BLM Snipers in their nests?  Didn't happen. The III has a plan for that.

Do you remember the professional, organized protest signs held by the protesters?  Do you remember the professional campaign in the county to hammer the local press, the local Sheriff, the local residents into action?  Didn't happen.  The III has a plan for that,

Some of the above you remember because it took as much as a week before the Truth started hitting the blogs, because there was a complete MSM blackout

The III Percent Solution to getting the Truth
out of RevWarIII hotspots
You remember other aspects of the above because I remember many people clamoring for it over at WRSA.  "We need to get OpFor Intel!"  "We need to get water and food out there!" "The people there need to get us more video and images showing how evil BLM is behaving!  "We  need someone to take pictures and post lists of all the local merchants who are selling goods and services to BLM and other FedGov on the scene!"

I remember all the complaints.  I had a few myself.

At Brock's last weekend, we quit bitchin' and put a solution in motion.  We acquired a vehicle.  We have a LOT of volunteers willing to show up at future such events and make certain these essential battlespace operations happen.  We came back here and shared the plan with all of you and asked for input, and we asked for some donations to make it happen.

Fighting a war is not free or cheap.

We proved we are genuine III Percent Patriots who will NOT just sit on our hands and bitch and whine and let others work for OUR Liberty while we sit safely in our homes.

Look at the names on the right.  They've stepped up.  Please join them.  Please find a way to drop $100 in PayPal below.  If everyone who reads this blog today hits that button for $100 bucks, we will have the T.O.C. fully supplied and Staff in training within a week.  But we need your help.



  1. I'm thinkin' you'll need a couple of dirt bikes and a ramp out the back of that bus. Walking just takes so damn long sometimes ;)

  2. Working on a donation of a chapel tent that can double as bunk down space. I'll donate the chapel supplies and service books. Must must be armored not only physically but spiritually as well.


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