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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Liberty Support Team - F'n Tyrants in the earhole for Liberty!

The post below this one goes into detail about the Liberty Support Team that we discussed at length in North Carolina at Brock's PatCon.  After you read this post, please take a few minutes and read the one below as a refresher.  This is an important topic.  We are at war.  The Enemies of Liberty mean to prosecute this war until they win.  They mean to be Masters.

We III Patriots have our own plans, and bending fucking knee to tyrants is not on the agenda.

The Truth is an absolutely essential element of defeating the tyrants in our midst.  When the Enemies of Liberty can shut down the Truth, when they can keep the Truth from the public, or put their spin on events unchallenged, we lose.  At the NC PatCon many of us began putting gears in motion to ensure the forces of Liberty capture the Truth wherever it may be, charging into Harm's Way if we must, to secure the Truth and deliver it to our Countrymen.

The images from Maidan, from the WWII Memorial, from the Bundy Ranch could not be spun by the Enemies of Liberty.  The Truth is too powerful.  There are III Patriots who are volunteering to go into Harm's Way, wherever that may be, get the Truth and broadcast it to the world.  Some very sharp Patriots are working to put a working plan in place that revolves around the bus pictured above - renamed the "Tactical Operations Center", or T.O.C.  III Patriots will man the T.O.C., go to where the Truth is, get it and broadcast it - and in so doing, throat punch the Enemies of Liberty who mean to be our Masters.

The bus is owned by the III, right now.  It will be painted as you see above - Zoomie was kind enough to make that classic, horrid school bus yellow go away.  This is not an operation that will mature over a period of many months or even a year.  The Enemies of Liberty will be coming for payback over Bundy.  Our plan is to fuck their plan.  We will staff the T.O.C. with a Comms Specialist and all the Comms gear he needs to get the Truth out of the AO.  The T.O.C. will have an Intelligence Specialist, with all the gear he needs to perform his mission.  Secondary to getting the Truth out to the world, the T.O.C. will provide as much support as possible to Militia, Patriots and other allies on the ground.

I said below if every Patriot who reads this blog every day were to dig deep and donate just $100, we could get the T.O.C. fully outfitted, staff trained nationally, and into operation in weeks.  We need this, Patriots.  Whichever side wins the information war will likely with the war for Liberty or tyranny.  We need to outfit the T.O.C. and train Patriots across the country who will staff it during deployments.  This war is on.  This can't wait.

Please dig deep and hit the PayPal button below.  Thousands of III Patriots come here every day.  Just $100 each will launch this mission and begin sticking it to the Enemies of Liberty right f'n now.

Please help.  I'm going to list those who help on the right sidebar - no worries, just your first name and surname initial.  Let's make that list crash Blogger!


  1. Only one problem that I can foresee - it's going to become an instant target for the other side. Now that it's been written up and photographed, they know just what to look for.

    1. Think of the dog that finally, actually catches the car...

  2. Heh. I've got an app for that ...


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