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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Please support our III Patriots who will go into Harm's Way

This is an important post - please read to the end. - K

"The Bus" was a quick label applied to a concept for convenience.  More than 75% of you have agreed to the mission and the proper, formal title going forward: Liberty Support Team.  This title has been chosen for many reasons, one of the primary being the word "support" - because we are NOT at an event to fight.  That is why we chose against "defense".  We will defend ourselves if it comes to that, but our primary role is supporting Liberty by disseminating the Truth, and supporting the needs of the Patriots on the ground.  We have seen time and again, from Maidan to the WWII Memorial event, to Bundy and many other places, Truth is the weapon the Enemies of Liberty can not defeat. 

The Liberty Support Team is every Patriot who lends his support to the mission - even if that support is moral.  T.O.C. has become the name of "the Bus" - the Tactical Operations Center.  When the Liberty Support Teams deploy with the T.O.C., it is the T.O.C. that will be the nexus of the operations in support of the mission.

The Mission:  In .mil terms, which many of you understand, the mission - The Commander's Intent is highly specific when the T.O.C. deploys with Teams. 

Commander's Intent: To gather intelligence across media formats of activities on the ground and deliver that media to other members of the Liberty Support Team, those Patriots across the country who will have the task of disseminating the intelligence, countering the .Gov attempts to spin, to essentially provide to the world the audio, visual and interviews of the Truth.  The is the Commander's Intent.  This is the "Mission."

There is a Secondary Mission to the Commander's Intent.  This has evolved after much discussion amongst ourselves, including Patriots who were on the ground at Bundy and in October at the Barry-cades event.  At Bundy there was very little in the way of coordination.  Only two full detachments of Organized Militia deployed - everyone else was a concerned citizen, or a Militiaman who came without the official cover of his home Team.  The logistics and infrastructure SUCKED.  We'll provide a limited mess, a medical station, we'll provide III patches, caps and shirts for IFF (Identify Friend or Foe) because so many disparate allies arrived with no way to tell friend from foe.

The Secondary Mission of the T.O.C. and the Liberty Support Teams will be to provide as much support as possible to those brave Americans who arrive with a rifle, a canteen, a few energy bars, and a desire to protect Liberty.  We will provide wifi hotspots, fresh water, showers, tactical radios for all Team Commanders, racks for Militiamen who need to crash in safety, sleeping bags or blankets, phone re-charging stations, and many other "comfort facilities" for the brave Americans who show up at the hotspot with little more than the shirts on their backs.

Also as part of the Secondary Mission in true III manner, we will provide considerable Agitprop in the form of professional protest signs, flags, megaphones, cameras, audio recorders, dog whistles, and more secret squirrel stuff to inhibit the effectiveness of Regime thugs.

We will need to train III Patriots to staff the T.O.C.  Not every Patriot will be able to deploy at every event.  If the T.O.C. is needed in Connecticut or New York, we'll need Patriots who can jump in and get the job done.  If the mission is in Florida and the T.O.C. is in Idaho, we'll need to establish relay teams to drive it across country.  Perhaps a Patriot in Wyoming can meet us at the border and get it to the border of Nebraska, and so on.

This is our mission.

In coming weeks we'll get our medics and comms and Intel Specialists and other experts to weigh-in on specific necessities.  Right now we need to get the financial support rolling for this mission.  I, Kerodin, do not have all the answers - but we've got thousands of people who participate here every day who do have the expertise.  I will lean heavily upon you all, as usual. 

If every Patriot who reads this blog daily found a way to contribute just $100 to the mission, we'd have everything covered in record time and deployments ready to go.  But of course, any contribution is helpful.  Next week we'll begin asking for material contributions - but for now, we need cash.  Please do not let our Patriots suffer the way the original III were forced to suffer at Valley Forge.

The link below deposits your contribution directly to the III Percent.

Thank you all.



  1. What approval rating would you give to Operation American Spring, in regards to them broadcasting events, shaping the conversation and having a plan of action?

    1. Worse, by orders of magnitude, than a mere Fail. A Fail means they failed and it is on them. But the Epic Fail suffered, because of their grand claims, stain us all. It was Vanderboegh on steroids.

  2. Watch Craigslist. Always someone parting out or selling good used RV stuff.


  3. I'll pop you a Benjy on the 3rd ... When you have time I hope we can talk, there are some folks with very deep pockets I want to get you in touch with.

  4. I think OAS was a planned fail psyop. Possibly from the get go.

    1. It sure didn't do the Liberty Movement any favors.

  5. Any III minded adult worth his salt already knew it was a psyop bust from the get go. That 60's "Flowerchild Patriot" bullshit was out of wack and we all knew it. The failure was the psyop failure, not our failure. I won't own it neither should any of us. We're going to war, that's the only fix. Better we keep our focus on the task at hand. The mindnumb imbeciles can't be reached or woken up, so we got what we got and need to apply ourselves as the adults we are with a messy task before us. Godspeed K

  6. Why cause disruption or discord among ourselves - the Sons of Liberty. There is no need to compete, but rather Unite so that together we can defeat the enemies of Liberty. Oath Keepers, National Rifle Association and other organizations. WE need to be United and each and every person will not need to agree on everything, so I urge you to agree to respectfully disagree if at all possible. We need as many men and women Patriots in the fight. We can and will learn from each other, what we like and agree with and not. So my brothers and sisters, United we Stand, so stand together and fight. We will prevail. Liberty, the gift from God will not be destroyed. Peace, Peter ~


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