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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Extirpate, or stay home...

This will be the tragedy we face in America as Blue Team and Red Team bang heads. The moment people begin to die, on either side, survivors begin to hate. That hatred fuels more violence. Before long people are no longer fighting for ideals, but for vengeance and survival.  The lady above is challenging the lass in blue over the 40 dead pro-Russians who were burned to death over the weekend.  The gal in red holds the gal in blue (a Ukrainian reporter) responsible, at least tangentially.

This is why the victor must extirpate the losing side.  CA introduced that word to our dialogue last week.  It is a very precise word.  It does not mean "Kill them all", it means to win completely.  If you are a Southron or you know one, you know that 150 years after RevWarII there remains seething hatred for Lincoln and Yankees and the war they waged.  Not one man alive today suffered direct injury from that war.  But that seething hatred transcends generations.

That circumstance must not obtain when Liberty recovers the republic.

If you intend to fight for Liberty, this burden is upon you: Fight until there is a complete victory.  Do not quit once you have your Liberty.  Every person who does not respect Rightful Liberty must leave America.  If we permit them to remain then one day they or their posterity will act upon their seething hatred and begin the cycle once more. 

Nothing we do in this war will eradicate Enemies of Liberty from the face of the planet.  Evil is born in every generation.  It will grow in every generation.  But we can win so decisively as to make Liberty the dominant ideology for a thousand years on this continent .  But we must do the Hard Things.  Anyone and everyone who does not respect Rightful Liberty must leave.  Forever.

Here's the link regarding the video above.


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