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Monday, May 19, 2014

III Arms Review

Here's a snippet I grabbed from one of our most stalwart Patriots, chatting with Jim about his III Arms 1911.

Conversation between Martin Cohn and III Arms Company

Martin Cohn

10:08pm May 18
So 500 round follow up. That 1911 is butter smooth and a f'ing tack driver! Get lots of ooohhs and ahhhhs when I show them the serial number too! Thanks for building such a fine piece of art, that shoots just as good as it looks.....

Now we just need to get Open Carry passed in Texas (for handguns) so I can show it off even more!

Martin Cohn

10:09pm May 18
And this is now my EDC go to gun. Pocket carry! Feel free to share my comments as you see fit.

Patriots - if you want a weapon you can carry into Harm's Way, be it pistol or rifle, talk to Jim.

III Arms was never intended to make cookie-cutter firearms of middling quality.  Jim hand-fits each and every single part in each and every single weapon.  Then he'll help you personalize it to your specs.

America is at war with people who mean to be your Masters.

You'd better possess real weapons of war to defend yourself.  If you discover on a tactical, shooting retreat with your Buddy in a firefight that the AR you bought "...at such a good price..." was built for the range and not for combat, you will probably die.  Worse - your buddy will probably die.

You get what you pay for in this world.  I didn't make that rule.  We are all fortunate that we found Jim Miller and he understands that rule - and he will NOT let you go into combat with a weapon that has no place defending the lives of men and their families.

Here's the III Arms site.


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