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Monday, May 19, 2014

UH-72 Lakota to Indiana

This is one ugly f'n helicopter
One of the things I want to do before I die is learn to fly a helicopter.  The list of things I want to do is longer than I like, headed into RevWarIII - but that's another story.

The above Helo is Eurocopter UH-72 Lakota.  My Gods it is fugly.  But the Indiana National Guard has just purchased two of them.  According to the news report, they aren't just for the Guard.  They'll also be used for "Law Enforcement" and to "...assist in DHS Missions."

Patriots, is there anyone still reading this blog that truly believes we are not already at Civil War in America?

Here's the link.


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  1. I've gotten so every time I see a chopper overhead...and it's military or police...I flip them the bird.

    That said, the civvy version of the bird shown in your post is used for Lifeline medevac purposes in these parts by at least one of he local hospitals.

    Shelbyville IN is near my crib, and they have an Air Guard helicopter base there. I drive by it many times a week. They are always busy doing something. All Blackhawks there, but I did see one of those heavy lift Chinooks there a few weeks ago.

    Just outside the wire near the base they have a field full of empty shipping containers. For a couple of weeks recently these containers were arranged nose to tail in a large square...maybe the size of a football field...forming a sort of compound inside the square with only one way in or out.

    I imagined this compound being closed off completely with a few more containers or barbed wire, making for a hasty prison type complex just outside the wire of the Guard base.

    But that's just me being paranoid and insane...

    This week I noticed Camp Paranoid was dismantled and most of he containers are gone.

    I guess their "Operation Cage Domestic Terrorists" was a rousing success!


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