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Monday, May 19, 2014

Not the same Boy Scouts I joined: Missed this the first time...

This is from 2009.

Boy Scouts working in Hunter-Killer Teams to "protect" the good citizens.  I played cowboys and Indians, good guys & bad guys with my friends, too.  But we weren't tricked-out in .gov-supplied gear and our heads filled with .gov-programming.

Folks, this has all got to stop. 

Here's the link.



  1. Yeah, I first heard about this listening to (crazy shit-house rat) Alex Jones on satellite radio.
    Yeah, yeah, even the nutcases have good intel sometimes.
    I went on-line to his site to check the article and remember seeing the pic you have posted.
    Also, I went to the NYT's link you provided and finally remembered what I thought initially, upon seeing the pictures.
    I hate to admit, but the same feeling is returning now.
    The children of illegal immigransts, in an American town overrun and controlled by illegal immigrants, and their heavily armed fedgov backup, are training to engage me(kill me) due to my being a "disgruntled Iraq and Afghanistan war veteran."
    Hmmm, I guess Mao's statement about where political power grows from is correct. Especially if you are a citizen "disgruntled" about the destruction of our Constitutional Republic.
    Witout question, two can play that game and RSVP attendence to that gala affair.

  2. If this photo was from 2009 what are these boy scouts doing now five year later ??
    I bet the weapon now don't have orange tips on them


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