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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Construction Pros

**UPDATE**  Thanks everyone - I'll get a soil sample when we get to the site so we can get more accurate calcs.

Can one of you calculate the rough size of a poured concrete foundation needed to support a concrete-block tower weighing-in at 975,000 pounds?



  1. Depends on the ground conditions, soil type(s), ground profile (nearby steep slopes on the down side are bad) water level, presence of any sizeable drains or tunnels, probability of mine workings, shape of tower, local wind speeds, what applied loads there might be, etc.

    No single answer I'm afraid.

    1. Soil survey is needed first ... I'll email a buddy that may well want to travel to the site to do it (he's an engineer).

  2. looks something like a German flak tower circa WWII.

  3. Probably need at least a rough idea of the footprint, how many linear feet of footing there will be to support that weight.


  4. As Paul and Vernon said, need to know the area and soil bearing pressure.

  5. 30' tall by 8" thick gives a perimeter of approx. 333 feet. Weight per linear foot at 30' tall would be 3000 lbs. average compacted soils will handle 2000 PSF so your footing would be approx. 1.5' wide all the way around. This is a ballpark number, better soil would reduce width, taller walls would increase width.


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