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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

III is Militia & Militia is III

If you are III, you are Militia.

If you are Militia, you are III.

Stand and be counted.

Fly your III Militia tab in support of our Organized Militia allies.

If you are III, you are Unorganized Militia.

Whether you are unorganized or part of an Organized unit, you are part of American Legend.

It was our brothers who met the British.

It is we who will meet the Regime.

Wear this tab on your cammies.  Wear this 1" x 4" tab on your Tactical Caps.  Adorn your gear bags and Go Bags with the tab so everyone who casts eyes upon you understands, you are one of that proud lineage of very special American Patriots.  All proceeds will help further our III Projects.

III Militia Patches

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