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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

We the III

Here at the III Percent, we try to undertake important, large-scale endeavors only after allowing you to weigh-in and help shape the discourse and direction. 

No man alone is the III.  We are all equals.  We share our successes and our challenges. 
  • You helped us tailor the message we put on radio stations across America. 
  • You helped us decide Idaho was the proper place to settle the Citadel.  You now are actively helping us establish a safe place – for III Patriots, for Tribe – to settle in Idaho.
  • You helped us launch III Arms, a firearms company helmed by one of the most trusted, talented, and patriotic men I have ever had the honor to know – Jim Miller. 
  • You helped us travel the country offering CQB training to groups from coast-to-coast and border-to-border, all the while deepening ties among the Patriots we met along the way.
  • Through III Gear, you helped us provide patches, caps, shirts, tactical gear, and much more to thousands of Patriots, all to build cohesion and IFF (the ability to identify friend from foe).
  • You helped promote and make Brock's PatCons incomparable events for Patriot gatherings.
  • You helped us host the first Citadel PatCon in Idaho last year - with the next already scheduled for this August.
  • III Patriots were there last October in DC so our WWII Veterans could visit THEIR Memorial. 
  • III Patriots were there when Barry-cades were dropped at the front and rear gates of the White House.
  • III Patriot allies helped us plant roots in the Western Redoubt and helped us prep to open a III business.
  • III Patriots, and the work WE are doing as a group, is the only reason the Kerodin name has been featured in nearly every major media outlet in the Western World. Granted - that media has been, shall we say, unkind ;) 
  • It is also because of you that several of us were featured for a full hour on Beck's TV show.  That does not happen unless you are playing at a dangerous level. 
There is much, much more!

You have been responsible for every significant step forward made by the III community.

Now it is time, once more, to ask you to lend your voice, your wisdom, your support, and your cautions as you see fit.

It is imminent that future Bundy-type confrontations will occur.  The consensus is that OpFor will be far more prepared next time; they may even bait as many Patriots as possible onto the field, before unleashing Hell upon them all.  The Regime must save Face.  The Regime must remind the masses that the Regime must be obeyed.

Are you and I to tremble at the prospect of Regime Forces with standing orders to murder us at the next event?  Are we to yield the field and simply allow Regime Forces free reign to shoot down, beat and Taser fellow Americans who dare stand tall on behalf of the next Cliven Bundy?  Are we to hide safely in our homes?

If you and I are as we claim to be - American Patriots, American Militia worthy of standing alongside Captain John Parker – then we have but one course open to us.  You and I must charge TOWARD the sound of gunfire.  Throat-punch Regime thugs who seek to infringe the Liberty of our Countrymen.

You and I must never be the good men who do nothing.  May God himself smite us all if we fail to do our duty.

At the PatCon this past weekend we fleshed out the basics of our strategy and tactics on this front.  We concluded that the most critical tactical element of all future Bundy Events is to collect audio, stills, video (including interviews) and Intelligence on OpFor from the ground and get it out to our allies to disseminate that information to the world.  We must deny the Regime and their MSM Propaganda Bureau sole control of the message.  Images like the line of Cowboys and Patriots facing-off in the wash against BLM, the now iconic image of the Patriot on overwatch from the bridge, the images of BLM using Tasers and dogs against unarmed Americans, the images of the "First Amendment Areas" - these media elements made it impossible for BLM and the Regime to win at Bundy. 

Yes, the Regime could have won the physical confrontation at Bundy.  But they would have lost the first fight - BLM would have been slaughtered.  Then the Regime would have had to go hard with Militia and singular Patriots using overwhelming ground and air assets - and they would have "won" - but only after slaughtering hundreds of Americans.  Over cows and unpaid fines.

Next time will be different.  You know it.  We know it.  The Regime is already preparing it.

So what does the III intend to do about it?

This post is already long enough, so I am going to close with a very quick thumbnail that I will flesh out over the coming days.

The Mission (the Commander's Intent) is very specific: Arrive-on-scene and ensure the truth gets out of the AO in audio, and video, including interviews, to off-site allies who will be responsible for disseminating that Intelligence to deny the Regime the ability to lie to the American people.

FIRST: We are establishing a special nationwide unit of III Patriots.  We are calling this unit our "Liberty Support Team."  (This unit stands independent of our III 300 - though III 300 Patriots are welcome to join the Liberty Support Team.) 

SECOND: I think Holly and I have proven that – for the sake of the III – we are willing to take point. Taking point also means we take the heat.  We are about to do it again.  We have put ourselves in Harm’s Way before.  But we do so knowing we are not alone.  Holly and I purchased a school bus that is in excellent condition.  We bought this with our own money, to ensure we put our money where our mouth is, as it were.  We have skin in the game.  Most of the seats have been removed to allow for gear.  It has a hydraulic lift & diesel drivetrain.  It's an International.  We will re-purpose this bus for use by the III Liberty Support Teams.  This vehicle must be outfitted with the gear and supplies necessary to accomplish our Mission, as well as provide logistical support to the Patriot forces that congregate at events - from radios to showers to water, etc.  For now we are calling the bus the T.S.C. - Tactical Support Center.  (This is WIDE open for change as we discuss these matters in coming days.)

THIRD: When a Bundy-type event occurs that we agree requires our presence, we will deploy the Tactical Support Center to the scene, set up our center, introduce ourselves to the Patriots and Militia on the ground, and begin our primary function – getting the truth out to Americans.  AND, we will provide support to the units already on-site as needed and as requested. 

NOTE: We are NOT on-scene to assume command.  Our task is laser-focused - get Intel out of the AO.  With any additional resources made available to us, we will provide support to our allies on the ground.  Maybe that's a run to Wal-Mart for a pallet of water.  Maybe it is a stand of showers for troops who have been in the muck for weeks.  Maybe it’s a place to give exhausted allies a place for some rack-time and to provide first-aid as needed. Whatever... 

Our primary role is collection and dissemination of INTELLIGENCE.

Our secondary role is providing SUPPORT to our Patriot allies on the ground.

FOURTH:  The Intelligence that our on-the-ground Liberty Support Team assets gather, in audio, video, stills, interviews, etc. - will be relayed to III bloggers, web experts, etc. who will make sure that the information from the ground gets pushed out on social media, gets emailed to MSM & politicians, and to everyone else we trust to bring pressure on the Regime. 

The TRUTH is the most powerful weapon FreeFor will ever have in this fight for Liberty.

We intend to go into Harm's way to get that truth.  Our allies beyond the AO, such as WRSA, The Steel I-Beam, Free North Carolina, Wirecutter, NCRenegade, etc., will be risking their hides just as much as they push that intelligence out for the masses.

That's the synopsis.  Feel free to weigh-in on anything - stream of consciousness.  There is a LOT of detail still to be released, but it is never too soon for you to jump in and help guide us.  This is another serious III Project that is designed to chip away at our Enemies' ability and their will to use violence.  We must delegitimize them at every turn.  We MUST get the truth to the world.

You and I are RIGHT.  You and I have the MORAL HIGH GROUND.

As the saying goes - being right when the government is wrong is dangerous.  Make no mistake, if you volunteer to be part of this project, you will be climbing the ranks of whatever FedGov lists on which you may already be listed.

Thus far we've broken the Liberty Support Teams into two primary parts: Ground Teams - anyone going to the event.  And Web Teams - everyone involved in disseminating the flow of data coming out of the event.  These two categories are too simplistic, obviously.  We'll further delineate team designations as we go.  For instance, I have already been in touch with a few Patriots around the country who are willing to work as HAM relays if we get comms jammed on-site.  It is going to take many of us to make this work.

Personally, I can't see a higher RoI project currently available to FreeFor - until Total War is loosed on us all.  Please think how you can help, where, when, and even why.  In time we will need gear to outfit the Tactical Support Center (TSC).  In some cases we will need cash.  In other instances, we will need some of our Patriots to look through the gear you have at home and see if you can donate anything we'll need - such as command tents, military-styled cots, medical supplies, radio gear - you get it.

Sorry this is so long.  It's a big deal. 

And if you are wondering how this project concept was received at the PatCon amongst the Patriots there - I am very, very proud that a good part of Saturday night was spent discussing this project and how to make it work.  I asked this question after laying out the idea to an invitation-only debrief on Saturday morning: Is there anyone here who thinks this is a bad idea or a waste of resources?

Not one Patriot thought this was a bad idea.  So folks, I am going to charge hard...

I welcome any insights you may have,



  1. Kerodin,


    If you don't mind me throwing my two cents in worth, I think a couple of Satellite phones, Satellite uplinks and maybe a streaming webcam from a mast on the T.O.C (Like the one in Ukraine at the stand off at that national memorial that went on for weeks)
    Live streaming cams I'm sure would be linked to Drudge and a few other sites online.

    A long time ago, I was told "The Pen is Mightier than the Sword" Now video can ruin a tyrants day.

    1. I'm willing to share the knowledge I gained as CEO of Blue Iraq, providing satellite Internet, telephone and streaming video via Russian commercial Comm Sat' transponders (encrypted) to our military in Iraq ...

  2. Sam, you can add me to that list of media sharing outfits.

    As you said, I know I am already on the watch list, I've been sticking my finger in their eye for years on two other blogs besides The Vulgar Curmudgeon.

    I would be more than happy to help spread the truth.

    They say sunshine is a great disinfectant, let there be light.


  3. we're in... though I'm a new ham op, no place like the ground floor to enter a new enterprise... since the Bundy Event unfolded, it has been my concern that the truth needed to be presented although the idea of truth-telling formed in my mind at the barry-cade fest... the concept presented here is very similar to something I was familiar with in the Marine Corps - a fly-away team... a group of individuals(in our case, 12 or 13) with specific training was selected, given a set of standing orders and having a bag packed and ready to go if/when the word was sent from above...

    a word if I may: we cannot quit, back-down nor blink at this point... when I say "we", I'm mean those of us who take seriously this issue of Rightful Liberty... I think we're right in moving forward rather than waiting for OpFor to make their next move - something which we all know IS going to be made and only they know the timing... so we must be readying ourselves... my Dad told us of his being in boot camp, training for WW2... he said so many marched and trained with broomsticks because rifles were in such short supply... it is imperative that we make as wholehearted an effort at regaining our Freedoms as their generation did in the protection of ours...

    we're preparing to go against the very same Evil as did my father and as the Founding Fathers... tyrants, shysters and bullies... thugs, murderers... only these occupy not just foreign lands at this point but have seized power within our very own borders... we have, in fact, even unwittingly or otherwise, voted these corrupt, morally cancerous parasites into their positions....

    we must continue the process of reversal and setting things on the proper course once again... this is a conflict of Right vs, Wrong, not a dispute over personal infringements alone... those infringements came and still come as a direct result of Evil men meaning to be our masters... now, they simply have removed the curtain and run at us with their arrogance of heart in full display...

    this is our time - if we don't move ahead now, they will interpret inaction as having lost our nerve... we cannot quit... as with dirty harry reid, we must be able to lift the skirt of every enemy, pull the curtain back from every shrouded event and put the malice, corruption and self-serving intent on public display in every way possible by any means possible...

    if you have the skills, it's time to step up... if you have equipment, it's time to fire it up and get it on line... use the talents and materials that God has allowed you to further the cause of Rightful Liberty...


  4. an FYI article related:


    others are thinking as well as we...

  5. K,
    This is an honorable undertaking, this new battlefield will need more weapons than just guns. Another thought along the same vein. I have often wondered if there was a way to raise a war chest, a place to donate funds that will be administered to worthy causes (it would need guidelines and a panel to decide how funds are released). It could not be done with FRN's, I would think that metals and commodities would be the vehicle in which funds are stored. The donations could be made in FRN's and immediately converted. The crux of the problem is where to store the chest. I'm not sure of how secure they are, but some of the Indian Nations and their reservations have banks set-up that operate on precious metals. I'm not sure of their vaults, internet security, or the level of .gov oversight. I do believe that we are in the early stages of the "North American Liberty Games" and that history will look back to our current time and include it when discussing WWIII/REVWARIII. Having funding for the III%, militia, the side of liberty will become necessary as the war heats up. Even if the Indian banks idea is barking up the wrong tree, there are other options, there is a metals bank in Australia, or hell, if there is a patriot who can lease a small section of land, on which a vault is built then have militia units volunteer to rotate through and guard the facility. There is going to be a number of years as this cast iron skillet heats up, we the American people can fund our own restoration, no need to enter in to unsavory alliances throughout the world.

    This has been a fraction of a thought wondering in the noggin for well over a year. Is it pure fancy, or is there a solid base from which to work? Frank discussion please.

  6. I was very involved with this discussion at the PATCOM.
    I have been advocating a “Staff in a can” approach for some time now.
    My opinion is that the specialization that modern conflict demands at the staff level out stretches the focus of Militia units.
    Militia units struggle to build the most basic level of coordination and effectiveness, even organically to their unit.
    When we begin to explore multiple militia units working together to coordinate efforts we see an even larger breakdown.
    This was very apparent at the Bundy Ranch, understanding that the militia present was largely unorganized or even actively working to cause division.
    We were advised at the PATCOM that the organized units were for the most part absent when the breakdown really occurred.
    The staff in a can approach provides a unit (which will train and drill just like any field unit) that can arrive on site and provide the coordination and support to organized units from the area.

    I will give you a few bits to chew on from FM 6-0
    First up Mission command

    1-67. Mission command is the conduct of military operations through
    decentralized execution based on mission orders for effective
    mission accomplishment. Successful mission command results from
    subordinate leaders at all echelons exercising disciplined initiative
    within the commander’s intent to accomplish missions. It requires
    an environment of trust and mutual understanding. Successful mission
    command rests on the following four elements:
    • Commander’s intent.
    • Subordinates’ initiative.
    • Mission orders.
    • Resource allocation.

    Commanders Intent

    1-68. The commander’s intent is a clear, concise statement of what the force
    must do and the conditions the force must meet to succeed with respect to the
    enemy, terrain, and desired end state (FM 3-0). It focuses on achieving the
    desired end state and is nested with the commander’s intent of the
    commander two levels up. Commanders formulate and communicate their
    commander’s intent to describe the boundaries within which subordinates
    may exercise initiative while maintaining unity of effort. To avoid limiting
    subordinates’ freedom of action, commanders place only minimum
    constraints for coordination on them.

    This is how OPFOR will operate. If we pay attention to that we are capable of being just as good at this if not better.
    Our “Commanders Intent” is by and large clear. In these types of incidents we have as our strategic goal an outcome that delegitimizes the current government, its agencies, and its agents. Diminish their implied authority and demonstrate their impotence.
    The current situation that we operate under can best be described as a Shaping Operation. We have largely moved from Sustainment Operations (training and supplying ourselves). This was kicked off by the Bundy situation. We must continue the Sustainment operations and in fact we must spin up special units whose sole focus is sustainment, but we must quickly provide the ability to address all tasks that modern conflict demands at an Operational level.

    Information collections
    Information analysis

    The staff in a can cannot be available if wide spread conflict breaks out but in these wildfire incidents it is imperative that it be deployed.


  7. Sam,

    I think this is a great idea. As much as we would want to, the wife & I are not in a position to physically attend anything at the moment. HOWEVER, we are more than ready to assist with ideas, money, and/or supplies.

    Is there a mailing list forming to keep us informed of what is needed and when it is needed, and where to send it when it is needed?

    Chris H.

  8. What is the next action step to get this operational?

  9. Drones. Sam, you touched on this a couple of years ago. We're going to need them. Small, covert type drones. I'll start on that project and get up to speed.

    1. Here's a good one, and I hope you can appreciate the irony, though a new paint job might be in order.



  10. Use the covert drones to transport USB flash drives or magnetic drives from the TSC to someone with an internet hardline. HAM is also susceptible to being jammed and doesn't have the bandwidth to transmit gigabytes of compressed video [that I know of].
    I will also be willing and able to transport the data and upload it myself if necessary via motorcycle [try and catch me!], if I can get on scene.

  11. I have asked before and will again, are there any groups of Liberty on the central Kalifornia coast? If so, I sure haven't heard of any. Back on topic, if needed, I can host and re-supply or provide shelter to anyone that finds themselves stuck in the San Luis Obispo section of Kali. I'm just north of that town of ism's. I am also a Yacht Delivery Captain since 1970's if waterborne transport is needed. As regards to a money vault, PayPal sucks and I will never use it. There are other options to transfer funds. Look it up. Comms is the big deal, I have a ssb that is ham loaded, Icom 710 , but non .gov approved, Sam you know this topic between u and I, so I can handle about 10m uploads. Let me know.
    Lynn A. Stokes
    Eastern Pacific Yacht Delivery Service
    Morro Bay, Ca.
    3rd Id.


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