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Saturday, May 31, 2014

III Logistics

Do we have anyone out there who knows the MilSurp game sufficiently to actually help acquire some good, well-maintained gear?  This isn't just for the III or Citadel, I'm asking on behalf of our Militia allies who also need good gear on the cheap.



  1. You can bid directly on lots of surplus and vehicles here: http://www.govliquidation.com/
    You need to spend time reviewing the lots, and requirements if you win the bid as well as where the lot is located. CAN get very low prices. But ... mostly need major work else they wouldn't be on the auction block.

    1. There are several vehicles in operating condition at various depots around the country that are up for auction as well as commo trailers, 1.4 ton trailers, a bunch of 32x20 tents (I lived in one for months in Kuwait, they are quite usable) at Ft. Bragg, in their shipping containers, bids start at $25. This website is the only official outlet for milSurp. Everybody else is downstream from here with added cost. The website takes some learning to be able to navigate, there is a 10% buyers penalty on everything and be sure to follow all the directives regarding pick up, documents needed, etc., especially for vehicles.

  2. Possibly check with Maingun mil surp.

  3. I have 2ea 120KBTU diesel powered 110VAC run forced air (tent) heaters waiting for a use. A small running generator can give you lots of heat for a large building. One runs fine, the other needs the main switch reworked, which I'm working on this summer. (took it apart to clean out the gunk, put it back together wrong). and the ductwork. Ductwork can be fabricated locally, or purchased. They are free for the Citadel and can be loaned to any .militia unit in need.

  4. Gov Liquidation is no longer a good source. They replaced the old DRMO that the government ran. It's a private company that got the rights to do this based on a deal by the Clintons. They do not guaranty that the lot of stuff you are buying is the lot of stuff you are getting. And if you don't pay, then you are banned for life.

    If you are looking for vehicles, there are LOTS of military vehicle sites and organizations on the web and the guys are good guys. You will learn more before, during and after you make a purchase.

    If you are looking for generators, you are better off looking for commercial. Onan who makes some of the better military generators makes them a little different for the civilian market and parts are NOT interchangeable. If you go military, make sure you buy two or three so you have parts. Make sure you have a military generator mechanic so he knows how to fix them.

  5. http://www.steelsoldiers.com

    Deuces, trailers etc. there is also a refab place in PA that overhauls Dueces and generally has other things alike hangin round.
    In Liberty,


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