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Saturday, May 31, 2014

III National Org: Mission

I'm going to ask a simple question.  I want your two cents about the direction of the III.

Read the post below about the baby that had a Sheriff's Deputy trigger a flashbang in the face.

How would you recommend the III respond as an Organization?

Keep in mind my personal mandate: Take no action that does not degrade the will or the ability of the Enemy to fight.

Keep this in mind: I do not see even ONE Oathkeeper on the ground or speaking out about the ordeal.

And keep this in mind: If you suggest showing up armed, you will hear the first shots of anger in RevWarIII.

So please be reasoned in your answer. And do not write anything that will get you indicted, please.



  1. TOC deployment (with Chaplain support), Video and live stream Sheriff office, request interview w/Sheriff, broadcast live and repeat, repeat, repeat. Supply Chaplain support to family if acceptable to family. Let them know this is unacceptable, agitate for financial settlement for family and suspension of officers involved as well as mandatory retraining and re-certification of the county SWAT team.
    Open to other ideas ...

    1. Paul - Georgia has pretty good carry laws - would you recommend lawful carry by all able protesters - sidearm and/or rifle?

  2. As the damage is done to the child and nothing can be done at this point physically, a 'judicial watch' type reaction:

    Sue the officer who gave the go code, the deputy who threw the device, the sheriff, and the county executive (or whomever the Sheriff reports to) for maiming and wrongful injury. If the child dies, wrongful death; protests for arrest of the manslaughtering deputy, and lots of coverage on Drudge type places....Pro Liberate (Will Grigg), even send a press release to Stewie and the boys. Get JPFO, GOA, and other organizations on it. Get the American Family Association in on it.

    Sue. Their. Asses. Off.

    We need III attorneys.

    Find someone in the video business to make some PSA's on the need for the family to have medical costs taken care of. Start asking for donations that go straight to their bank account. Call Joe the fucking Plumber. Call what's his nuts, Ted Cruz. Ron Paul.....call Bundy and get HIM to do a PSA.

    Make so much fucking noise that it drowns out anything else.....

    Sorry...I seem to be getting my BP up. :-) But I think you get the idea.

    1. Very civil, though the skeptic might ask why you want lawyers when it was lawyers who got us into this mess in the first place...start to finish.

      Me, I'll just ask if you'd prefer 1,000 lawyers or 1,000 well-trained troops.

    2. JK: It's the same tactic we discussed during Bundy - make them busy - so busy they can't respond as they would like.

      Here's a little-known fact about the world of the bureaucrat - once a memo has been papered, or in today's world even put in email, it never goes away. So you bury their lawyers under the weight of their own rules whileprepping those tropps for other activities.

    3. That's not what I saw in NV. I saw, "Back the hell up or you're going to have a problem you never dreamed of having." But then, I can be a dreamer myself sometimes.

      I can't argue against stalling, but the way things are going, I'm not persuaded that's any benefit. Presumably both sides improve with more training and intel. I'd like to see more persuasion for sure, especially of Bad Guys, but agreeing to their authority doesn't strike me as a beneficial thing to persuade them of.

  3. By protesters, handgun only (but keep the long guns handy). TOC personnel and videographers to be unarmed but accompanied by armed escorts, again, sidearms only lawfully carried. Same for Chaplains unless they elect to carry a sidearm, again, lawfully.

  4. I'm right there with you both, in a blended response. A noisy show at the Sheriff's office, but not a full TOC (as there is little to physically accomplish), then flood them with as many citizen complaints and lawsuits as possible. Posters of the sheriff and deputy plastered everywhere with images of the child - hardcore psyops. I might recommend a bit more malicious mischief just to make the department's budget go into the red and their response time into the toilet, but that wouldn't be prudent here.

  5. I stand ready with my aid bag to support.
    This is not a joke or a drill.
    I and other Patriots are the ones in the shadows,
    not illegal immigrants being aided by the dictatorship
    destroying our Republic.

  6. We need a PR/psych-ops center in every state of the country so that when something like this happens we can plaster photos and info everywhere so people will have to see, acknowledge, and hopefully raise a ruckus.

    These no knock warrants and home invasions are far out of hand and totally unacceptable. Dammit, we are AMERICANS, we are not supposed to be afraid we are going to molested in our own homes!

    These attacks are not going to stop until the people doing them are held accountable. At the very least, if applicable in the state where it occurs, liens should be filed against the homes/property of every stinking person that had a hand in this terrible deed. I have read of people who have done such a thing against LE when they could not get justice any other way. Granted it might seem a bit lame, but sometimes you have to take what you can get. Imagine 4 years after the fact, deputy flash-bang goes to sell his house and realizes their is a lien against it. Perhaps different states have different laws about such things, but my point is if we can't beat them with the unlawful laws that are in existence then lets use every stinking one we can against them in a passive resistance blitz on these unconscionable bastards. Hit them where it hurts, economically.

    Right now I would suggest every blog ask their readership to contact the sheriff of the dept. that is responsible and demand, DEMAND some justice.

    Miss Violet

    1. I still haven't seen what drugs or in what quantities were found, "justifying" blowing a babies face off. Usually in such stories they love to perp-walk and show the drugs...

  7. http://forums.officer.com/t194085/

    I'm gonna barf.

  8. Along with showing up at the Sheriff's Office "lawfully carrying" in what could only be described as an armed vigil, the family along with their attorney and the concerned citizens need to petition the Georgia Peace Officers Standards and Training (POST) board to have the Deputies involved in the raid credentials revoked and SWAT certification pulled from the Department. Next the armed vigil needs to post a team on the vehicle that SWAT uses and follow it every time it leaves the gate. Find the names of the Deputies responsible and put their pictures everywhere. I mean every light pole newspaper box, gas station window and parked car in the county. The face of this criminal act doesn't need to the Sheriff's Department itself, it is an organization that answers to no-one. The reason why this continues to happen is because no person is held personally responsible for their actions. Pictures to be posted need to be the person that authorized the raid, the sheriff, the magistrate judge that signed the warrant, the SWAT Commander, and the guy that threw the Flash Bang at the very least along with a written account of their part in the crime. On each flyer needs to have a before and after photo of the child that was maimed along with the person responsible. SWAT and no knocks have gotten completely out of hand. Someday soon, the law of statistics is going to make itself known and these poorly trained "peace officers" are going to attempt to conduct this rookie/ boot show of force against a Real Player and hard lessons are going to be learned. Bear down folks, initial success or total failure


    1. "concerned citizens need to petition..."

      Sorry, too late for that. That doesn't mean it necessarily has to go hot--though that's looking awfully likely--but it does mean that this isn't the time to care whether someone else grants a petition or not. Well I don't, but I'll listen to why you might.

      Otherwise though, I think your suggestions are spot-on. The ONLY way this doesn't go hot is that those who seek to rule others, change their minds. And the only way that can happen, is to inundate them with the consequences of their decisions and actions. If there's still an ounce of civility left in their tiny minds, then they'll desist and find other work for themselves.

      If they don't, then so long and have a nice trip to Hell.

  9. I personally can see value in demanding FedGov take action via US Attorney and DoJ -- use the system, their system, against itself. Force it to either eat its own, or to vindicate the action, thus further tearing the mask of legitimacy from its own face.

    Am I alone in thinking we should use the system against them right up until the moment that "The System" implodes and is no more? I don't mean use the system alone - but with ratcheting pressure and defiance very publicly, such as Bundy and WWII Memorial actions.

    1. You are not alone on that line of thinking but at the same time you are giving too much faith to the DOJ. You would be hard pressed to find an organization more corrupt and willing to ignore blatant violations of the law and Constitution. The system will implode on it's own, that is a given that I think everyone here can agree on. Ratcheting up pressure absolutely will speed up the implosion. What you need to take from the Bundy and WWII Memorial Actions is that the Feds have absolutely no idea how to handle a situation once it starts to get out of control. A big reason for this is because in their fairy tale world they think that everyone wants to just be part of a community and people that are true independents, warriors and individualist that refuse to tow the line are throw backs of an old world that are no longer needed. That is why this administration has done things as stupid as shown brilliant tacticians like General Mattis (the greatest General since Patton) the door. The only people that had the mental capacity to make good tactical decisions have already been handed their walking papers. Every time we push there will be a push back. It hasn't happened in the Bundy situation yet, but it will. Rest assured when it pops off, Uncle sugar is going to be hard pressed to contain anything when over half of his active force decides to go black. A force that spent 12 years learning tactics that cavemen used to bring down (2) super powers.


  10. I think a babies' face being blown off is a moment in time where even the dumbest of sheeple will agree a fked up line has been crossed and should be driven back. This is a point which should be expanded so that everyone understands how out of control the "no knocks" are and the consequences of militarizing our police.

  11. lawsuits... lots and lots of lawsuits... criminal and civil... sue everyone even remotely involved including whomever did the training for such raids... reach for everything: badges, jobs, houses, cars, retirement accounts and homes... sue for payment to include all health and after-care, pain & suffering of both parents and child, and all court costs... petition for forming a citizens' oversight committee for everything the SWAT does - including having rectal exams... turn the media around on them by asking why they won't defend the life of a child who gets hurt this way but will whine about the indignities suffered by illegals... "before and after" pics on every lightpole and store window with the dirtbag's name and precinct # as perp... no defamation of character in that - he tossed it, he gets outted for it... "Justice for Baby (Doe)" should be the common cry... make ocifer saftey's life a living Hell - just like Baby (Doe)'s will be for a very long time... write letters to the dept. asking "why????!!!!" Just that one word on it with a picture of the baby's face...

    after a week to 10 days of that, the mayor/city council should be begging to pay off the family - handsomely... then publish the payoff results but twist(nuance) it as bloodmoney and hush money for them having screwed up so badly... that part could be tricky - usually there's a gag order written into the payoff contract...

    you get the idea....


    1. Is there an organization of lawyers out there in the business of taking up such cases? Is it within our power (and would it be the right venue) to try and recruit some such lawyers via the III National Org?

    2. http://aclj.org
      ACLJ. Contact Jay Sekulow vis his toll free number to begin the process. Good group of conservative attorneys who work in all courts and jurisdictions including Federal. Impressive track record (also, Jay is friends with the man I introduced you to).

  12. " Is it within our power (and would it be the right venue) to try and recruit some such lawyers via the III National Org?

    Of course it is...all we need is the 'in' to a few of them.

    1. Cool - another item for the agenda. btw - JC arrived in Iceland.

  13. What would be the mission? Define the endstate that defines victory? Let's do some Intel analysis. Habersham county is a place that's 88% white, 4% black and 8% Latino. Votes in the 80% level for Republicans, but like much of the south, it's not your traditional Republicans. The current sheriff took office in 2008 when he took on the incumbent. He led the primary and ended up winning in a run-off. Habersham county is not a wealthy part of the world. Big employer in the area is the woman's prison. Used to be a youth prison but it turned out to be a place of nastiness and abuse. In the State's attempt to rehab the reputation, it was made a woman's prison. The prison teaches them to be firemen. Only all woman fire department in the world.

    The area is poor. 26K average income.

    Sheriff professes to support the constitution, in so far as gun rights go.

    This is the same county where the pastor was killed for talking to a one of his parishioners a few years ago (she was a prostitute/drug user being watched by the sheriff's folks). That law suit is still going on.

    Sheriff's be reelected twice and will probably be reelected again.

    This is also the county where those four old geezers were arrested as terrorists a few years ago.

    But that's just some basic analysis.

    Again, what would the mission be? Does the mission help us get more folks to come to our side? Does it defeat tyrants? I'm guessing that this sheriff is wildly popular for "dealing with these drug dealers". Drug manufacture is a real problem in North Georgia. Not much else to do to make money in this part of the world.

  14. We need to develop the capability and continue to fight on all fronts....legal, political, social, psychological. Even if/when it goes hot, there will still be a need for non-kinetic targeting...hearts and minds. Culper is writing about this from many different angles.

    Use their tools against them....Alinsky's Rules, Cloward-Piven, lawsuits.

    On Lawsuits.....
    Imo, the biggest problem with lawsuits is that there is no personal consequence...kind of what got us here in the first place - lack of personal accountability in society. These guys get a 3 month paid vacation, no stain on the record, and the taxpayer picks up the bill for the lawsuit.

    I'm not a lawyer, but perhaps someone who is can comment on the feasibility of this tactic. It is a way to hold these thugs personally accountable under the right conditions....something to keep in the toolbox....

    Title 42, Section 1983 lawsuits...

    Civil rights lawsuits are one of a number of methods of holding the government, or people who act in a governmental capacity, responsible in court for their actions.

    The Civil Rights Act of 1871 is found in Title 42, section 1983 of the United States Code and so is commonly referred to as section 1983. It provides that anyone who, under color of state or local law, causes a person to be deprived of rights guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution, or federal law, is liable to that person.

    And here's the money statement from that website:

    In short, if a government agent violates your God-given (Constitutional) rights, they can be held personally liable. What’s the difference in suing an individual verses the agency he/ she works for? In most cases the law only allows a certain amount (a maximum financial payment) to be issued and these cases are often settled out of court with no court orders being issued to the defendants prohibiting them from doing the same thing again. By suing an individual you are asking the court to renounce that persons action and hold them to the standards of law. This statue also provides for “vicarious liability”, meaning the agent’s supervisor, commander, trainer and anyone else who can be shown to have provided inadequate training and/or supervision is also liable for the actions of the defendant.

  15. On to Cloward-Piven....
    Briefly, these are 2 professors (and Francis Fox Piven visits the WH) who came up with the theory that if you overload the system (welfare, courts, etc) you can bring it down from within so you can rebuild it like you want (socialist state).

    from this page: http://www.americanthinker.com/2009/11/clowardpiven_government.html

    The strategy of forcing political change through orchestrated crisis. The "Cloward-Piven Strategy" seeks to hasten the fall of capitalism by overloading the government bureaucracy with a flood of impossible demands, thus pushing society into crisis and economic collapse.

    If you aren't familiar with Cloward-Piven, I highly recommend reading the article.

    So, for III's, it means we can do the same thing - use their system against them as many on this thread have already stated.

    On to Alinsky Rules for Radicals....
    in particular Rules 1,4,5,8,13

    Background here and here:

    Rule 1: Always remember the first rule of power tactics: Power is not only what you have but what the enemy thinks you have.
    Rule 2: Never go outside the experience of your people.
    Rule 3: Wherever possible go outside the experience of the enemy. Here you want to cause confusion, fear, and retreat.
    Rule 4: Make the enemy live up to their own book of rules.
    Rule 5: Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.
    Rule 6: A good tactic is one that your people enjoy.
    Rule 7: A tactic that drags on too long becomes a drag.
    Rule 8: Keep the pressure on.
    Rule 9: The threat is usually more terrifying than the thing itself.
    Rule 10: The major premise for tactics is the development of operations that will maintain a constant pressure upon the opposition.
    Rule 11: If you push a negative hard and deep enough it will break through into its counterside.
    Rule 12: The price of a successful attack is a constructive alternative.
    Rule 13: Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it. — Rules for Radicals

  16. Anon at 5:52 has a pretty good take on it. I have seen the nonsense of the Habersham SD first hand. Sneeky roadblock on US 441. They set up signs and had cars with lights flashing under an overpass. People getting off on the exit ramps were the real target of the roadblock. Lucky for me I was headed North and had to go under the overpass, so I didnt get off the exit. I had a truck full of rifles as I was running a shooting class that weekend. I got to avoid the Imperial entanglements but many did not. If you got off the exit you no doubt were going to have to explain why you did that to avoid the roadblock, instant PC!
    I am still not sure what if anything to do about this case. Right now the family have hired a team of lawyers and they are going down what appears to be the "racist cop" path. Thats just my speculation due to the lawyers and some of the cases I have seen them take on local news. Thats a bad route, because many will instantly reject the case as just another minority trying to get paid. I am inclined to let the lawyers play this one out for now to see if something happens. If the Sherrif is up for re=election this year maybe some Psy-ops are in order.


  17. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8KeXpxfa1mY

    Must be seen to be believed. Speechless am I.


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