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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

III Signal Corps

The III needs a proper Signal Corps.  In the service there are many specialties within the Signal Corps, Patriots need a more slim and trim cadre of specialists who can work the hell out of a smartphone, tablet, laptop, PC, they need to understand the strengths and weaknesses of Unseen and the next great thing, they need to know what memory widgets work in what electronic thingies (these are all technical terms, don't try this without a spotter), they need to know how to spoof IPs, generally cause havoc to the "average" internet user.  They need to know how to capture audio and video and stills, work Looxcie and Vidcie and variants - all the things the average 13-year-old already knows.  They need to know all the ins & outs of social media. They need to know how to mask themselves, how to avoid, or slow down, being identified by OpFor.  Last but not least they need the old school radios - from short-range squad radios to HAM skills that let them reach the opposite side of CONUS.  HAM Masters are going to be less in demand, usually, that the folks who can play on the dark side of the net.

If you have such skills, or most of such skills, please work at filling out the resume. 

There will be a test.  Pass - you'll probably live.  Fail - not so much.

And when we begin deploying modern III Jedburgh Teams, every Team will need a Comms Officer. 

Oh my - did I just say that out loud?


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  1. http://cdn.asktop.net/wp/download/10/STP11_25C13.pdf

    A good guideline for FreeFor communicator tasks.


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