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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A Jedburgh Question

This is early in the process, too early to mention too many details.

Fact: The III is going to have Teams modeled on the Jedburgh Teams of WWII.

The question I'd like you to weigh-in on is simple: the name.

"Jedburgh" was chosen because it had zero meaning - it was simply a town in Scotland.

Is there a "cooler" or "Tacti-cooler" name you'd like to operate under if you find yourself working on a modern III Jedburgh Team?

Or, should we just leave it as Jedburgh out of respect for the men who gave the name meaning?

You're call.

Let me know.



  1. since we're, in part, about the historic meaning of things, it would follow that we leave the name as it was coined...

    1. Agreed. Respect for those who walked point for us long ago.

  2. Tradition wins the field. ;)

    Each Jedburgh Team was named, such as Led Team Ian. Claude, etc.

    If you decide to go Jedburgh, remember, these guys were usually in uniform - so if caught the BEST outcome would be quick death.

  3. I prefer to retain the name "Jedburgh"

    1) to honor the heroic men who were members of the original Jedburgh teams,
    2) to maintain a sense of continuity with history and remind us of where we come from and why we are doing what we do, and
    3) to strike fear into the hearts of our enemy by drawing parallels in their minds between what they will be facing and the original Jedburghs, and finally,
    4) when modern Jedburgh teams do strike to make it difficult or impossible for the presstitute media to paint them in a negative light, since the orginal Jedburghs were "liberators" who fought in the "good war."


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