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Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Signal Corps: Read the post below.  Find a teen or twenty-something.  Staff yourself with a techie.

Medical Corps: Do the same with an ambulance tech.  Or that the classes yourself - learn how to help keep someone alive just long enough to reach a physician.

Spy Corps: Work on your Sneaky-Sneaky.

TIHK - We were awarded a wholesale account. 
Will be available soon.
TIHK: We've been granted a wholesale dealership.  Once the paperwork is all done, we'll make them available.  I have built my entire CQB class around one simple premise: If you can get your hands free from two very large men by the end of the day, you pass.  This little widget will help you do it if you somehow find yourself in cuffs.  I'm still working on my shim supplier for plastic ties.

Paul Lemmen:  Paul has started writing me in the last few days, and I want to thank him personally for an introduction he has made and the assistance he has provided.  We are III.


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  1. Just an FYI for anyone not already going here:http://www.itstactical.com, check ‘em out, good stuff(skills, tactics, gear,etc.) link to escaping zip-ties here:
    RD III


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