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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

It is time for a conversation among III Patriots...

This is my Battle Flag.  Tremble, Enemies of Liberty.  For if I fall and take it
to the bloody mud - one of my brothers will pick it up and kill you for me.

I have created a blog for a specific conversation whose time has come.

So let's roll up our sleeves, get into it, and win this flippin' war.

Here's the link.



  1. well, I kicked the can on the new page...

    1. Paul - thank you for the email intro - I'll address it this evening.

    2. Good. You already know the reasons.

    3. Paul, I'd like to share some ideas with you if you're not opposed... shoot me an email, if you'd like...


  2. Again, I apologize for being slightly off-topic.
    However, folks need to beat feet over to rt.com
    to view videos from yesterdays major battle
    between Kiev and eastern separatists fight at Donetsk
    The videos currently posted are an excellent educational
    tool, especially for those who think they know.
    Without question, the flood gates are open and will not
    be closed(without torrents of blood flowing through) anytime
    One of the videos also gives a look into what volunteer eastern
    militia are carrying in their fighting load.

    1. CavMedic: I'll post on this tonight and include your links. If you find more that are relevant drop them to me in email.

      Also can you email CitadelPatCon2014@Outlook.com please - they have a question for you regarding the August PatCon.


    2. Will do the email.
      Also, I am still playing the role financially poor college student. However, this Friday should produce an opportunity to assist.

    3. Cav,

      A link or two would help. I looked around the RT site but couldn't find vids with militia and fighting loads.


    4. Halfway down this page, (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VOp1vhEpFKM) you will find a 56 second videio titled "Extremely Graphic Video: Bodies of anti-Kiev fighters piled in Donetsk morgue"
      The fighting load I referred to was of two open packs on the ground, close to where bodies were being off loaded from a truck. A close up of the packs shows that whomever it belonged to had a basic POS looking knife, and a shitload of cigarettes, along with a single tourniquet, unopened in it's original package.

  3. For starters: http://rt.com/news/161716-ukraine-donetsk-storming-alarm/
    There are numerous graphic Donetsk post-battle videos at rt.com. One video goes into detail about a destroy separatist truck, that was caught out in the open and out of luck.

  4. Depending on where you are in the Republic tonight, and if it has not aired yet, an extremely informative episode of Frontline is being broadcasts about events in Ukraine the previous three months. Also, a segment about Syria is part of the broadcasts. Almost thirty minutes into the show and Ukraine segment is still playing. IT IS A MUCH WATCH.

  5. This page has more pics and videos: http://rt.com/news/161772-eastern-ukraine-attack-deaths/


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