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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The monsters hiding under my bed aren't waiting for me...

...they're praying I'm not in a mood to hunt tonight...



  1. Heh. You could relax tonight and lt my alter-ego do the hunting tonight ... See: https://deadrepublicanparty.files.wordpress.com/2014/05/zombie-pres-nixon.jpg

  2. Asia Pacific - Explosion on tanker off Japan coast
    Speaking in parliament, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe interrupted a debate to announce: "In waters off Hyogo (prefecture), a tanker has exploded and is currently in flames."

  3. Real time map/location of burning Japanese tanker:

  4. Cavmedic68w


    I don't think it was a mine, torpedo nor did it have anything to do with China. The hull is intact, albeit the vessel is listing hard to starboard and it looks like the steel in the hull is starting to deform from the heat given off by the oil fire in the holds.
    This has gotta be an accident somehow. Its an older tanker, built back in '94 and I'm sure there was no modern way to vent fumes from the oil bunkers and like an old cotton gin, the tanker went boom!


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