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Monday, May 12, 2014

NC PatCon: AAR One

So much happened over this long weekend in North Carolina it will require a few posts, and I'll probably make each relative to a specific topic. 

Once again Brock opened his home and provided Patriots a safe, comfortable and pleasant environment for everyone to gather and continue to build bonds of trust, to welcome new faces and welcome them to our piece of the world, and to consider the issues and challenges facing us as Patriots and Americans.  Our thanks to Brock and his wonderful daughter Dixie for being such friendly, warm and sincere hosts and making everyone feel so welcome. 

As expected this PatCon was just as fun and happy and wonderful as each before it, yet everyone there felt the serious undertones related to our changing world.  The recent events in the struggle to recover Liberty in DC at the Barry-cades, at the Bundy Ranch, and the continued ground prep being done by the Regime was present in everyone's mind.  Our conversations were serious, pointed and determined to knit together a path for us all.

Holly and I arrived very late Thursday and essentially went straight to bed after greeting a few friends who were still awake near the fire.  It was like coming home.  Friday morning we hosted Fight to your Weapon, which went wonderfully.  Israel and Lewis Wetzel were kind enough to share a series of techniques from their Krav Maga training that helped everyone understand visually just how effective Krav Maga can be in a short time period for Patriots who are essentially beginning at the beginning of CQB skills.  I think they proved to everyone watching that signing up at a Krav Studio has nothing but benefits for the Patriots who mean to survive and prevail in the war that is already upon us.

After CQB I was able to finally meet Grenadier1 who had come to participate in the PatCon and to host his Georgia Force-on-Force course.  I can tell you from having had my eyes on the course and Grenadier as the instructor that it is a training tool every Team, Tribe, Militia unit and individual should find a way to attend, under the instruction of a Patriot you can trust.  Using the AirSoft rifles as a training aid permits allies to train more often, more safely, more inexpensively, and yet realistically - than meeting up and trying to master the shoot-move fundamentals in the limited places/ranges acceptable for that purpose.  You can set up an AirSoft training ground almost anywhere safely.  A full day or weekend of training costs almost nothing while you get to pull the trigger thousands of times while seriously drilling with your Team.  I'll leave you with this: Get some.

The Friday night campfire met all legendary expectations.  In the coming days some of that will be shared, including PatCon essential haiku.  The strawberry brandy wine circulated with other libations, including some cup-melting magic potion from Lewis Wetzel that scored saucer-eyed approval from all who dared.  Around the campfire were many people who call one another friends, brothers and sisters who know one another from previous trips to Brock's, as well as new faces that were immediately welcomed to the family.  There was much laughter and pure joy in being with one another again. 

Holly and I headed for bed sometime near 1am, leaving the more robust Souls at the fire.  I think we all headed for our sleeping spots knowing that Saturday would be different.  There was much serious discussion and work to be done.  I'll get into our Saturday beginning with the next AAR update.

Patriots - if you have not attended a PatCon, especially the NC PatCon, you are missing out on one of the highlights of a lifetime.  It's not just fun.  It's not just a weekend of camping and relaxing.  It is about building family - and I don't know of much in life more rewarding than to discover and meet brothers and sisters you never knew you had in the world.



  1. I am very pleased to see the concept evolve and thrive. Local...Local.....Local!

    Bill Nye

    1. We've got to find a way to get you and yours up to one soon. We haven't had the chance to meet face to face yet, but family is family.


    2. One day Sam....One day.

      Bill Nye

    3. Bill,

      Not one ounce of progress could have been possible with out you and your original support.

  2. K,
    I want to second everything you said about the PatCon and our host Brock. Fantastic people and fantastic atmosphere. I could not agree more. I also wanted to say how great it was to meet you and your lovely wife Holly first hand. Thank you also for the kind opinion of my meager skills as an instructor. The class went well outside of some battery issues we were having with some of the new airsoft guns I brought. I dont think it detered the class and they pressed on like troopers. The conversations over the whole weekend turned out to be really productive but I will wait for your further comments to address those. Thanks again and I look forward to meeting uup in the future.


  3. I was very glad to attend and pleased to hear your input, but very disappointed I didn't get (or manufacture) an opportunity to meet face to face and share a hearty handclasp.

    Hopefully, that can be rectified at the next.


  4. Left reaction at the NC Patcon post....very glad we came.

    Thanks to all for all.

  5. So glad to meet you and Holly and hear your assessment on Saturday - wish you all the best in your move West !
    I left more comments over on NC PATCON - really felt a kinship this weekend that I didn't expect to feel - hope to see you again in the Fall.


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