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Sunday, May 11, 2014

NC PatCon

H and I will arrive tonight.

We are looking forward to a wonderful and productive weekend with fellow Patriots.

Expect light posting.



  1. Packed and ready. Moving out tomorrow night. See you soon.

  2. Another topic of discussion for the weekend: http://www.8newsnow.com/story/25469579/breaking-news-fbi-investigating-bundy-supporters-in-blm-dispute
    Of course, this is not unexpected.

  3. What an experience! Humbled to be in the company of so many good people!! (Sam & Holly, OP, Steel I Beam, Grenadier 1, Quiet Man, 'Tater', JC Dodge & his lady, Sandman, Christian, etc). :-)

    Special Kudo: The young man in MARPAT (I never got your name, and I'm sorry, but you were the one with the mags in the paint can) that stood security during most of the presentations and meetings, keeping watch for the rest of us. Thank you.

    Special Kudo #2: To the parents of the young children present: Thank you for raising your children to be polite and courteous at their tender ages; it gave me and my wife much satisfaction and pleasure to talk to them.

    Best Take Away 30 minutes after we left: Productive, positive movement toward integration of purpose by all attending. Serious dialogue; no 'butt hurt forms' were necessary.

    Other thoughts: Brock was a superb host; food well worth the money; I Beam makes a very, very, very strawberry brandy wine, Allan W. proved himself to be a very, very, very sensitive person, Sam found a soul mate in Quiet Man, CA was tireless in coordinating, discussing, presenting, informally arbitrating, and accepting of all constructive input. But that's CA.

    Requests: We continue forward on developing and accepting commonality of purpose and politcal end result.

    Special Kudo #3: JC Dodge - Outstanding example of a professional. Truly a pleasure to talk 'trade craft' with; only draw back was that Max was precluded from attending. Would have made it complete.

    Anyone getting up to my AO needs to give me a shout for a meal, at least.

    Thanks to all!

  4. Trainer,

    Thanks to you also, for the reasoned arguments, supportive discussions and the no BS approach during the tribal councils. Your calm but focused advice did not go to waste. It was truly an honor to meet you.

    The young man standing over-watch was Darrell. I had him on it during specific events and meetings. He has been a member of my unit since 2009.
    I will relay your comments to him. (I didn't think anyone noticed, was trying to remain low-key) Thanks again.

    1. Not surprised that he was one of yours...good young man. Took his assignment seriously. Also enjoyed discussions with you. And we move forward building as we go, right?

  5. Affirm, looking forward to it.


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