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Friday, May 30, 2014

OK - Poll no worky...

Here's the question:

If your AO went hot right now - full-blown hot with Gestapo in the streets rounding up Jews, anyone not willingly walking to the boxcars is simply shot in the street - how many men and/or women of your COMBAT TEAM would be at your muster point in 90 minutes?

How about in 24 hours?

By "Combat Team" I mean guys/gals who are going to work in Buddy Teams, into Fire Teams, et cetera.

90 minutes:

24 hours:



  1. This has just got to be rhetorical....just sayin'....lol

    1. Absolutely! I haven't seen any Gestapo in....

      ...I can not tell a lie, I'm in the DC area...


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