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Friday, May 30, 2014

You are the III Officer Corps

The Jedburgh Teams didn't have much in the way of insignia. 
Many wore existing SF wings after parachute training. 
There are several versions of spear tips,
 but nothing ever dominant. 
They just went to work...
I have counseled for a long time that the III Percent Patriots who are Awake right now represent the Officer Corps of Team Liberty.  You and I have been reading, training, prepping.  We have an idea what is coming.  When it begins, you and I will not be surprised, we'll draw a deep breath and resign ourselves to the Hard Things that are now ours to do.

I don't know about you, but when I realize that one of the ideas I have in my head, one of those ideas I'm pretty sure I was the first ever to think of ;), was shared by a man like Bill Donovan, that sort of validation let's you know you're on the right track.

I've mentioned the Jedburgh Teams this last week or so.  What is interesting is that two of the three men on each Team were Officers.  The Radio Operator was enlisted.  These Teams of three were sent into Harm's Way, in uniform, tasked with making contact with local fighters, and help them kick some ass.  Here's the "Official" orders of the Jedburgh, paraphrased: The mission of the Jedburgh teams was to supplement existing SO/SOE ‘circuits,’ to help organize and arm the resistance, arrange supply drops, procure intelligence, provide liaison between the Allies and the Resistance, and to take part in sabotage operations. [Highlights mine - K]

Bill Donovan built Teams of Officers and sent them all over France (and beyond) to lead men who wanted to resist, but perhaps lacked the military knowledge to know what to hit, or how to hit it.  He sent the Resistance Leaders.  These guys had relatively short (especially by today's standards) training cycles.

When SHTF in America, you will suddenly find yourself among cells of willing Resistance, who need Leadership.

You.  Are.  It.

That's not me issuing the command - that's one of America's greatest war-fighters ever.  That's Bill Donovan telling you to build yourself small Jedburgh Teams so that when the rest of the III Percent become Awake, you will be there to lead the way.

I added a link on the right sidebar.  It leads to a series of Jedburgh Field Manuals - they are not the dry 1970's FMs.  Please download them and make physical copies.  Then make copies on a dozen or more flash drives.  Then study them.

Where LGoPs meet the Jedburghs meet you - the Enemies of Liberty will fail.



  1. Thank you! I will be reading them ASAP.

  2. Absolutely! Let this rectification operation happen on my watch so that my children and grand children may live in liberty and not under a tyrannical jackboot despot NWO regime!

  3. Was this the same "Bill Donovan" who is rumored to have Patton murdered????


    1. An OSS vet made that claim years after Donovan was dead.

      We'll never know for certain, I think - but I have no doubt Donovan had the ability if he had the desire. Bill Donovan was a man who could have achieved most anything he ever sought...


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