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Monday, May 5, 2014

PatCon Weekend: Imminent


A few days from now many of us will be in North Carolina at Brock's spring PatCon.  On Friday it looks like we'll have at least a dozen for the CQB class, many of whom are returning alumni.  We'll run the Fight to your Weapon class so new students will get the full experience.  Returning students will be able to run faster this time, and a bit harder.  You'll also get to be a big part of helping the new students master the techniques.  We'll sprinkle a few new techniques into the mix, some Krav from two of our III 300 Patriots, and a few fundamental groundfighting techniques to add to your skillset.

I hope you have signed up for Grenadiers Force on Force after Fight to your Weapon.  He's running an introduction from 3pm - 6pm on Friday.  If you forgot to sign up, try sending Brock a quick note and plead for mercy.  If you are not fighting, you should be training to fight.

Friday promises to be a very good day for Patriots.

**If you consider yourself one of my allies, drop me an email if you are attending the PatCon, please.  Obviously not necessary if you and I have talked and I know you are coming.**

Muster on this flag at 0805 Saturday.
Saturday morning at 0805 some of us will muster for a private discussion.  Since I don't know exactly who will be at the PatCon yet, I'll invite a few people on Friday who haven't yet been invited.  Several of you already know the details.  Make sure you get breakfast out of the way early on Saturday.  By the time we get finished with our discussion, the Meet & Greet will be underway, followed by the scheduled events for the day.  We will muster on my flag at 0805.

Reminder: If you have a means of communication designated for SHTF/Grid Down Comms that you want to share with me, please pass the details to me at the PatCon.  Depending on just how secretive you intend to be, please consider hand-written protocols.  Anything on your computer should be considered compromised.  Obviously if you are just going to share a HAM frequency you or your Team intend to monitor, the secret squirrel stuff isn't necessary.  But if you are using brevity codes, distress/duress signals, dead drops, whatever - put your sneaky hat on.  Grid Down/SHTF, I anticipate traveling for specific purposes...

I look forward to the weekend.  I don't know how many more of these events we'll have the luxury of attending.  This one will be meaningful.  Important issues will be sorted.  Count on it.


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