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Monday, May 5, 2014

Missouri: Serious 2A Position

The Missouri Senate has passed a piece of legislation that forbids any enforcement of any Federal 2A infringements.  The bill is headed back to the House for concurrence (It had already passed the House), then to the Governor.  The Legislature attached an "Emergency" provision so the law would not have to wait the typical 90 days to become effective.

So, I went and looked at the current State laws in Missouri.  Wow.

Even I could own Full-Auto in Missouri if this passes...

Here's the current legislation.

Here are the current 2A State Laws.



  1. Having lived in Missouri nearly all my life I will wait until it is actually law before celebrating. Politics are a strange critter in the show me state.

  2. Our Demo Governer will probably veto it though

    1. I saw today the House rejected the Senate version. Hope they find common ground in conference.

  3. Does the Missouri legislature have an over-ride mechanism to put it into law if the Governor refuses to sign?

  4. He either vetos or it becomes law.


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