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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Patriots at Bundy

Is there a list of the Patriots who were at Bundy?

If so, I don't want it, but some select group of Patriots needs it, and they need to watch and see when those Patriots start getting SWAT'ted by FBI and FedGov for being at Bundy.

Two separate reports remind us and make it clear everyone at Bundy is marked.

Here's article one.

Here's article two.

And all hyperbole aside, what the F are the rest of us planning to do when it begins?  Remember, Lexington & Concord wasn't merely about guns.  It was about arrest warrants for Sam Adams and John Hancock - two men without which there would likely have never been a Revolution.

So - no shit, is there a plan?  Have Patriots signed that plan?  Has anyone delivered that plan to DoJ in Washington?  We can play offense or defense.

Defense blows dead bear.



  1. I know one. Won't reveal names on here, but they were one of the "weapon pointers". I am keeping a close eye on them. They get SWAT'd and I'm off the grid permo.

    1. Raise the alarm for us all if it happens.

  2. This is a fair question, what will WE do when the roundups begin? What if 1000's of "the Dorner Principle" were put into action at the same time around the country? That would be a devastating blow to the DHS's logistical, strategic and tactical advantage. Our only chance will be to shake them up so badly that they make mistakes. Fight everywhere - LGoP's is the only way! A smart man once said "DHS never war-gamed for this".


  3. Believe me, this will be the first and probably only place I make it known before I hit the woods :)

  4. we can only help whomever IF we know who, what where and when... an "underground railroad" of sorts may not be out of sane reasoning... so, maybe an alert system is in order..??? just ideas coming out here...

    1. I've been thinking along the same lines - underground railroad that would, by necessity, include the Militia and probably parallel some of their more secure supply routes.

  5. provision, protection, respite, conveyance... (to include all of what each word means)

  6. Here is someone to look after: Brand Thornton, Las Vegas.
    "Thornton was a visible presence on the 8 News NOW stories and he believes the FBI might be investigating him. He says he has noticed unmarked cars following him."



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