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Thursday, May 22, 2014

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"To see the men without clothes to cover their nakedness, without blankets to lie upon, without shoes...without a house or hut to cover them until those could be built, and submitting without a murmur, is a proof of patience and obedience which, in my opinion, can scarcely be paralleled."
George Washington at Valley Forge, April 21, 1778

Additionally: Conditions were so severe at times that General Washington wrote, "that unless some great and capital change suddenly takes place... this Army must inevitably... starve, dissolve, or disperse, in order to obtain subsistence in the best manner they can."

Clothing, too, was a problem. Long marches had destroyed the men's shoes. Blankets were scarce. Tattered garments were seldom replaced. At one point, these shortages caused nearly 4,000 men to be listed as "unfit for duty."

Undernourished, poorly clothed and living in crowded, damp quarters, many soldiers became very sick. Typhus, typhoid, dysentery, and pneumonia killed as many as 2,000 men...

We need to have a serious discussion.

III Patriots are predominantly Alpha males and walk their own paths in life.

One of the facts with which we III Patriots must accept and remedy is the fact that we are in an existential war for our Liberty, at most three percent of our Countrymen will ever take arms to help us win Liberty for the country.  Indeed, just as they did with the original III Percent who fought for George Washington, the populace was fat, happy and warm and sent no food, no boots, no warm clothing, no powder or ball, to the men upon whom they were relying to win the war.  Do not lie to yourself - it will be the same. They will expect you to defend them, fight for them, win for them, but don't expect much from the "auxiliary".

The III Percent is a collection of independent Patriots.  We have no rank.  We have Leaders - people we will follow - but they are few.  Truthfully, we trust ourselves more than we trust many other people.  The Militia and the III are building bridges, but don't expect miracles before the Bundy Rebuttal.

Now the discussion we must have.  We have all joined organizations at one time or another, groups that promised to fight for X or Y.  I think it is safe to say most of us grew sick of those groups pretty quickly, and found they were not very effective, or didn't pull their weight when they were needed most.  NRA sabotaged Heller.  Oathkeepers sabotaged Bundy.  The list is extensive and disappointing.

But the fact is undeniable: The III Percent needs a steady revenue stream to be able to support III Patriots in the field when it counts.  In the past I have had great success when asking for support for missions such as III Arms, III Radio, III Citadel, IIIGear, and on and on.  You III Patriots have been there when I've asked, and none of those tasks could have been successful without you.  At Brock's PatCon this past weekend many of us, all names you'd recognize, decided on the Liberty Support Teams and the T.O.C. we've discussed here and elsewhere.  Holly and I were able to contribute a good, solid vehicle for the task, as well as a pair of good Honda Ruckus scooters that will help in operations on the ground.  But getting the rest of the gear needed to outfit the T.O.C. and getting III Patriots trained around the country so they can staff the vehicle, requires a hefty investment.  I've asked several times for anyone reading the blog to drop $100 into the general fund, with some great people jumping in.  There is room for more help, and great need for more help.

At the same time, because of the great work done by Sandman, Colonel Yingling, and many III Patriots, we ordered a bulk of III Militia patches for our field wear and gear.  Soon after, Sandman suddenly needed emergency funds.

Instead of me having to hammer for donations when these things need to be funded, I would like to have a conversation with you all about a III Organization.

First note: No organization has the power to make you a III Patriot or strip you of III status.  I would never dream of futzing with the leaderless, independent nature of the III.

But a national organization that collects perhaps $8/month for standard membership, and maybe $12/moth for lifetime membership - with perks such as automatic enrollment in the III Congress, free access to III CQB videos, discounts on all III Gear, customer details and patches reserved for members only, etc - if we had only 1,000 III Patriots enrolled in such an organization would allow us to finance all our needs without the embarrassing act of putting our hands out.

What would be the purpose?  The same purpose we have right now: To recover Liberty in America.  We could formally re-swear our oath, including an addendum that we will never infringe any Patriot who wants to secede or otherwise separate from "the Constitution".

If we had an organization such as that, with only 1,000 people contributing the basic monthly contribution - we could go a long way to having our T.O.C. outfitted, and help Sandman properly in a single moment.

I do not usually ask people to discuss matters here - I usually ask people to head over to WRSA.

But this time I would ask you all to please weigh-in on the general concept of our own organization to finance our own ops, train our own people, provide identifiers like patches and stickers that are only available to our members - with only 1 noble purpose: Restoration of Liberty.

Weigh-in please.  Good feelings, nagging feelings, details or general concepts.

It is in my power, with your help, to make sure our allies never have to fight in the snow in bared feet, or boil the soles of their shoes and bindings of books for soup.

Would you pay $8 or $12/month for your organization, that supports your allies and operations, with no interference from the likes of Stewie Rhodes or Wayne LaPierre.

Sorry this was so long.  It is that important.

While you contemplate the importance of this matter - please consider that we need at least 25 more $100 donors to the T.O.C. Here: 



  1. I am willing to contribute financially in a regular and ongoing manner - in fact, I have been... I'm willing to be counted as the first, so start it with me if need be...

  2. Yes, I would support this model.

  3. Hey Kerodin,


    I saw the donations start at $100.00. What if someone wanted to contribute but had less money to spend. How about lowering it down to $25.00?

    Another idea I had too. I don't like donating money to anyone. I have never met you. I don't know you except for the blog and the Glen Beck interview. How do I know for a "one hundred percent fact" that this money will absolutely go towards the T.O.C and not be spent on a hot tub in Idaho?

    Please let me explain, I have been lied to before and I don't like losing money. I would actually feel a whole lot better about sending you equipment needed for the T.O.C. I would need photo's maybe posted on your blog at some point or something showing some of the gear I purchased being used.

    It's like this. I could give a homeless man five dollars for a sandwich (and he will buy a bottle of booze) or I could buy him a sandwich.

    Kerodin, maybe put out a list of "needed equipment" and some of us and can send stuff via Amazon or Sportsmans Guide or something.

    Please don't think of me being untrusting. Corruption runs rampant where large amounts of money are being thrown around at a rapid rate. I would rather give a man without boots a pair of boots and eliminate the middle man who would take the boot laces and sell them for cash on the side.

    1. CC: Some people have submitted less than $100, several have submitted more. I asked for $100 because in fundraising the reality is simple - if you ask for $5 most people will give you $5. For the task of getting the T.O.C. operational, we need bigger chunks.

      I'm not taking any of your comment personally. There will come a time when we ask for people to make materiel contributions instead of cash. A group of us are making those lists now. But the reality is that having all the gear in the world on our T.O.C. won't accomplish a thing if people aren't willing to help us put fuel in the tank.

      You do not know, you can not know, "100 percent fact" that the money you submit gets spent where we claim it will be spent. What you can do is look at the track record I have accumulated with other Patriots to help inform your opinion. I have been online for nearly 4 years. I have satisfied several thousand IIIGear orders (granted, once in a while with a hiccup, but they all get sorted), and the Patriots who read this blog have worked with me to buy radio time and get our radio ad on air, we've started a firearms company, we've got a growing community of Patriots moving to live near one another on an X on a map. We've secured a facility on Main Avenue in that town and remodeled for a Dojo/Yoga facility in the III name, the rent for which gets paid by the Kerodins (Patriots DID help us with gear & cash for inside), we've hosted a PatCom, and I won't even begin to describe how many Patriots we've helped very quietly when they needed a few bucks.

      We also know that I am not an unknown quantity - You mentioned Beck. That one went well. I've been in every major MSM medium on the planet as well, who don't like me much. I have been at Brock's the last four events, I was at Mercer, and before that with TL and CA in DC, I was with many Patriots at he Memorials last October, and I hosted dozens of CQB classes from coast to coast and border to border over the course of just one summer.

      As for the T.O.C. - my wife and I bought that, cash out of pocket, and donated it to the III to get this project rolling. We could have easily sold it instead and put several thousands of dollars back into our own account.

      I'm no homeless man seeking $5 or a sandwich. I am a Patriot having to do the fucking embarrassing task of asking other Patriots to help us defend this country and the few damned people in it who deserve being defended.

      If you sense my mood is agitated, you are correct. It is not at you for your comment, that is fair.

      My attitude comes from having to be the guy always putting my hand out and damn-near begging people to help in their own flippin' defense. And it is almost ALWAYS the same people who answer the call - and that's just not f'n fair.

    2. CC you mat not have met Sam but I have; from my view he is very careful about how he handles others' $$$; I know this from personal experience... If you're ready to make $25 donation, I'll cover your $25 if he goes all s**tweasel on us and I'll let my Father handle him for whatever I may have invested... I know from experience that He can extract exactly what needs to be... All accounts will be settled eventually

      PP III to III

    3. Captain Crunch (regarding your 8:48 AM Comment above):

      With respect, sir, I think we all can understand your concerns and trepidation about donations for the T.O.C. being handled as intended by the donor. Sam Kerodin has written a fair bit on the topic over the last week or so. I believe he made it clear that a group of individuals (let's call it a joint task force) is working on a list of "gear" to outfit the T.O.C. No one could fault you for preferring to donate something tangible in lieu of currency. However, in the interest of intellectual honesty, I point you to Kerodin's May 15th 3:21 p.m. post entitled "Just a Heads-Up: III MILITIA." Toward the end of that post -- approx. three paragraphs from the bottom -- he writes.

      "...Money for this venture should have oversight by multiple trustworthy Patriots. I have some in mind, I have not yet asked them. I will reach out when the time is right."


  4. Count me in Sam.
    Come on III, I know we can do this. After all, if groups like PETA, all the Green Enviro Commie groups, and Moms against Guns can effectively put together a group of people to finance their goals we certainly can, right? What? I can't hear you!
    Miss Violet

  5. Excellent idea, if we can’t muster and walk the talk then failure is not only inevitable but deservedly so, I’m in as well.Miss Violet is right, if the commie fucktards can finance their overthrow of our rights, why can’t we be a formidable opposition to it?
    Richard R Deaver

  6. Count me in as well Sam. I just popped for III Congress membership so what's another $12 to support my beliefs? As you know from my emails and posts on my blog, I am solidly behind restoration and will voluntarily stand at the front of the combatants in the tradition of the Black Robe Regiment of RevWar1 as exemplified by the clergy in Maidan Square.
    Use me as you will, I will recognize and follow the leadership voted into place by the members.

  7. I'd have a one-shot lifetime membership option a la NRA, GOA, JPFO, etc.

    You won't get the stream but you will facilitate one-shots (big poker win, found an old invoice, etc.).


  8. The fucking Unions contribute to the demise of Liberty as a conduit for the Demoncrat Party. Not saying the Republicrats are any better, but in my past I belong to 3 different types of Unions. Even back then I fucking hated them, UPS (teamsters) being the icing on the cake. Dictating who I am to vote for?! Yeah, not so much. I never got anywhere with Union dues, but this idea, at least as a III Patriot, I can foresee the genuine impact and success for our community.

    The only caveat I have is that $8 and $12 seem like odd numbers to me. Just round it to $10 and $15. I would gladly pay $120 for the year up front and be done with it.

    Also, we need to funnel these funds appropriately. B commented on my 2nd Sandman post and I cannot flame him cause he is right. How do they know it's not a scam. Also, this collection can really cause a rift cause if another situation arises of a Patriot needing help, how are we triaging the needs? We all may think our problems are more important than our brethren, but we would need a structure for that. This really needs to be a think tank discussion before solidifying its outcome. I think it's a great start though!
    In Liberty,

  9. Israel: I would think that the triage of need would be handled by a Chaplaincy Corp, something I have proposed in writing (with structure) to Sam just this afternoon. It would then spread the need for fundraising between others besides Sam as well as removing one more heartache and burden from his shoulders. Keep the purse-strings separate with the Chaplaincy recommending based on verified need.
    We are real world thinking here and there exists an abundance of information to teach us how to avaoid re-inventing the wheel.

    1. I agree with this concept... it could be workable... the main issue is, as been pointed out already, the personality trait common to a great many of Patriots/IIIers - pride in not asking for help... I work in a service-providing effort, and many people have a huge issue with allowing others to see their need... add to that their unwillingness to be on the receiving end of "charity"... it's normal for hard-working, self-supporting individuals to have this mindset... get past this hump, and help could flow - from III to III... as it should be...

      just my $.02 on a subject I'm somewhat familiar with

      PP III to III KC1BEP

    2. On point. That is the beauty of a Chaplaincy Corps. Only the Chaplain knows who those in need are (except for those who transfer the money). Donations go into a specific PayPal account such as III to III or even Chaplains Fund. The fund is administer by elected leaders at the recommendation of the Chaplaincy Corp. Limited people in the know, chaplains keep secrets very well and there is less embarrassment. Still damn hard to over-come our upbringing: "Give charity never accept it". As an ordained Priest I have dealt with this in the past ...
      This isn't charity, this is brotherhood, this is III to III.

  10. Confidentiality and respect for another's personal life are the clergyman's responsibility - among others... and I agree, this is not charity but rather brotherhood: III to III...

  11. There is no reason why this could not fly. I do agree with Israel. Since I stopped supporting the NRA and other gun rights groups, I would agree to support this. We must know what the funds will be used for. Will one fund support operations and stuff needed AND the III to III ? Will the funds be split? Are we using the 527? Or starting another account? Im in. Also as I stated in another post, I will be sending 100 for the TOC on the 31st(my payday).
    Craig B

    1. There is considerable contemplation happening on this end. The 527 would be inappropriate for this sort of organization - it would have to go full LLC )already done) then we'd have to ask IRS nicely for 5-1(c)(3) status. The good thing about 501 is you can begin operations immediately, and when IRS gets around to granting status, it's retroactive.

      A 501 with this mission would need a Board of at least 4 people, a chairman/CEO, a Treasurer who is 100% responsible for all money and, finally - a set of bylaws that makes what the organization can/ban not do written in stone.

      The bylaws are the live/die rules of the orgainazation - and changing them MUST be nearly impossible.

      There will be more of this in coming days/weeks. One thing for everyone who is currently paying for several monthly dues - CQB, etc, Life Members would probably have all that rolled into the perks of membership.

      More later.

    2. Sorry - 501(c)(4) status.


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