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Monday, May 26, 2014

Please test to see if this poll is working --->

Yup - looks pretty fa'ckoked,


  1. I tried it.
    Poll no worky Sam.

  2. Non-functional, rather like the present federal government ...

  3. Me Too.
    Same result, nuttin'


  4. Besides, berets are truly useless pieces of head gear save for the purpose of looking like you might be somebody....but then again, berets are not over used....everyone and their brother has one.

    I wore one for 13 years in service....and later, for 3 years in a fraternal organization.

    Additionally, most people never learn how to wear them properly and either look like a smurf, mushroom, or something indescribable.

    I have no use for them in serious patriotic endeavors involving 'field trips'.....just sayin'.

    Oh...and the poll doesn't work, and IMHO does not measure what the first question implies it should measure....but that's me. :-)

    1. Aaaaand... - we'll mark that one "N/A".

      Moving along...


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