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Friday, May 16, 2014

SatCom & a mini-rant

Paul L. (Paul - not going to publish your surname unless you specifically ask me to do so ;) sent this link regarding Satellite Comms.  As part of a complete suite, I hope Patriots are working this into their quiver.

Yes, I know this stuff is expensive.  To my Organized Militia allies - I know you hate fundraising as much (probably even more, if that's possible) as do I.  But please, please consider going to your community and remind them how much you do as quiet professionals, and that you need support.  Touch base with your churches, your VFW - you know who is friendly to your mission.  The fact is simple - most of your units are under-resourced and under-funded.  Yet when it is time for you to deploy, there is never a limit put on you by your neighbors as to what they expect you to accomplish.

Dammit - ladders to reach the second-story of a home cost money.  Gasoline in the fuel tanks of your vehicles costs money.  Stanley FUBAR entry tools cost money and may be the difference between saving that granny or her burning to death.  There is NO SHAME in asking your community for support.  I get it - I HATE asking for money.  But without money - or donated items - we will face the same perils George Washington faced.  I f'n refuse to fight in winter without shoes - unless I have to give mine to one of the men at my shoulder.  Let's avoid that paradigm.  Bake sales.  Get a permit for town square and hold a Search & Rescue demonstration.  If you are on good terms with your Sheriff, get him to give a speech.  Pass 2 things to the crowd: 1) An entry form to win a widget.  Make sure the entry form has an email address on it so you can email your community later.  2) Pass the collection hat.

Ok, I'll stop harping.  If you Militia Units need help raising money for your units, email me and we'll work together to put something together.  I find having to ask people for financial help to be repugnant.  But I also know my history - General Washington and his troops were permitted to shiver and starve, while being expected to fight for the Liberty of those who were letting them shiver and starve!

If the repugnant must be done, I can't do it for you, but by damn, I'll do it with you.

Here's the link to the SatCom gear graciously recommended for consideration by Paul.

**Note**  Paul - I have read your email, please don't think I'm ignoring you.  I simply am swamped in email.  I promise I'll get to you, eventually.  Thank you for your support.



  1. Besides a ssb, I use sat phone a lot while doing long distance deliveries. This comment on the link's site says, "point the antenna towards the BGAN satellite - and you are online. " That works great if you are not moving! Many times just pointing the antenna a few degrees to the s/w will help catch a sat and most time out in the middle of the Pacific, I can nail it if I'm not being tossed around in a washing machine! A decent sat phone, used, about 4 to 5 hun or less. Sim cards need to be upgrade as of a couple of months ago or they will not work, period. Ocens.net in Seattle has the best deals on hardware and software for just about anything you need. They are geared for the marine industry but check them and if you call, Robin is very helpful and up to date on the latest and greatest. Time is money and I don't buy a pre-paid plan but pay as I go, once a month, and it saves a few bucks in doing so. FYI

    Lynn A. Stokes
    Eastern Pacific Yacht Delivery Service
    Morro Bay,Ca

  2. Understand the need and requirement for sat phones, in order to disseminate info where standard internet access isn't available. Just be aware, and I base this off experience having worked at NSA, that ANYTHING that you send over Thuraya or Iridium IS DEFINITELY being intercepted (and potentially can be blocked) by the spooks at Ft. Meade (or Denver, or Medina, TX...whichever is closest to your locale). NSA owns sat phones....that's how they target and facilitate the CIA killing of raghead extremists via drones. Like cell phones, sat phones send out GPS location data with each call.

    1. Yep. Always consider all comms as compromised. SIRP style 128k encryption is too simple. Biometric based encryption or other even more esoteric forms are available but are costly. (There are also alternatives to Thuraya, Iridium or Inmarsat too).

  3. There are a bit more expensive vehicle mounted, gyro stabilized models that allow telephony as well as broadband access simultaneously. They also have pay as you go monthly plans are are suitable for land based missions (I provided similar setups to a couple specialized units in Iraq (with omnidirectional stubby antennas attached to helmets) for use by small unit detachments for real-time streaming video/sound with both chat functionality and headset telephony. I can probably donate a refurbished Toshiba Satellite laptop (Win 7) in a month or two when my new machine arrives. I'll start work on getting the best price available and working on donors.
    Kerodin, you can consider me as a volunteer for the TOC in 2 slots: Sat Comms and Chaplain (I am a retired ordained Orthodox priest).


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