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Friday, May 16, 2014

USDA Gearing Up

People are banging their heads, looking for a logical reason a bureaucracy like USDA would need armor and SMGs.  There is no need to look for the outliers, folks.

When USDA and FDA step in to shut down farmers who have the audacity to sell unpasteurized milk or hold parties in violation to some arcane regulation and USDA/FDA wants it shut down - those organizations have to call on local LEO or brothers from other FedGov agencies, correct?

Now they do not need to call anyone.

Every bureaucracy is being positioned to enforce it's regulations at the point of a muzzle.

It's no more difficult than that.

Here's a list of your FedGov bureaucrats who have their own Hunter-Killer Teams.  The list is probably already behind the curve.


1 comment:

  1. Coming at me in force with MG's, over unpasteurized milk, makes it that much easier, comforting and soothing to put your ass down.
    That is not posturing, that is a fact.


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