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Friday, May 16, 2014

Vietnam Vets: Consider

As you know, I sometimes look at things with a political eye.  Is it wrong then for me to suggest this theory?

Vietnam Veterans were treated like shit when they returned to the United States because, unlike the recent wars in the Middle East, the Vietnam Vets kicked the living shit out of Communists.  

Just a theory, but one worthy of this advice until proven untrue:  Don't kill communists by the hundreds, win every battle, and set their expansionist plans back, and then expect a warm welcome home from their fellow Marxists here in the states.

This is from Karl at Ushanka, here.

It's awfully hard to find fault with the logic - in fact, I can't find one.  Beuller?

For you Leftist 'tards & trolls who surf here - Fuck you.  Sideways.  In the neck.



  1. Your dot connecting skills are unheard of K. What you just relayed makes perfect sense to me. I mean after all, why would the communist stateside boot lickers welcome home men and women of valor that absolutely kicked the teeth out of the VC when they had the chance? I get it. Great post.

  2. The domestic commies (dc) called them "baby killer" but the wierd part is that dcs LOVE baby killers (abortionists and women who abort). They used the term to get normal people to hate the vets. And yes, the dcs hated the US prosecuting a war against commies unlike WWII which was a good, noble, and just war because Joseph Stalin needed saving so that he could lead the world to the Soviet Utopia they had been promising us since 1917.

  3. Regular Americans weren't dyed-in-the-wool commies, or even very progressive, back then. There were enough reasons to hate the war without that, especially the casualty reports and the draft. So I don't think the theory holds up very well. Probably the extent of it is what 858x70 says...that true socialists/progressives "used the term to get normal people to hate the vets." That's bad enough alright, but not so extreme as the theory implies.

    Plus, let's not forget that just because the Great Leaders SAID it was about fighting communism, doesn't mean that it actually WAS about fighting communism. Virtually all wars are about money and loot. In recent history, this has manifested as oil and poppies mostly. Anything else is usually just what those Regular Americans--vets and civilians alike--are led to believe.

    858x70, you're right about WWII AFAIK, but IMO not 1 in 10,000 Americans knew it. Hell...for that matter, how many even know it today?


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