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Thursday, May 15, 2014

What Name is Best for III Ops

The 0805 meeting brought us to the formation of a new team with a specified mission for the III.

We continued fleshing it out all day and that evening.

I'd like to settle on a name by consensus.

My original name as presented was "Liberty Defense Team".  Personally, I don't think it fits the mission very well.  While the ultimate goal is to defend Liberty, the term "Defense" implies fighting - and that is not the primary mission of our Team.

Holly came up with "Liberty Support Team" and I agree with her the word "Support" articulates not only the primary mission of getting media out of the AO, but also the secondary mission of providing direct support to Militia, III and other FreeFor on the ground.

So - I've put a poll at right.  Please take a second and vote.

If you think there is a better title for the Team, please leave it here in comments.




  1. I'm usually pretty Web savvy but I never can seem to find the polls on the mobile version...

  2. Fuzzy in AZ (soon ID)May 15, 2014 at 5:58 PM

    I agree with H that it needs support. What I don't think is necessary is the "Liberty" tab. Who are we talking to with that tag? Those of us who will be working in the bus know we're supporting liberty; those that we're supporting know that they (and we) are supporting Liberty. Is it for PR?

    Personally, based on experience in intel and direct support to operational elements, I vote for something along the lines of Operational Support Team/Division/Cadre/whatever. Just my 15 cents (2 cents, adjusted for Obamanomics and inflation).

    1. Fuzzy in AZ,

      I think "Liberty" is a PR imperative. It is intended, less for us, and more for other people who will be watching the event. The III has some significant PR hurdles to overcome -- like being lumped in with domestic terrorists.

  3. I'm going with the Hero team.Maybe I'll see their exploits one day.

  4. My first thought was "Guardians of Liberty", but that translates to "tutela of licentia", and GoF doesn't exactly roll off the tongue. ;)

    Honor and Liberty would be understood by we, but not very many others. That translates to "Veneratio quod Licentia". I won't try to pronounce the initials. ;)

    Liberty Support Team sounds good, it would be accepted and understood by most.

  5. Anonymous, when looking at the blogs with a "dumb"phone like the iPhone, click into the the address, go all the way to the right and change the 1 to a 0. This will change the mobile version to the web version.

    Aside from that tidbit of III free techie knowledge, Wolf had an acronym for the team called MAC. Although I forget what it meant. Maybe you could reach out to him as I thought it was sound.

    In Liberty,

  6. "The Triple D"---Decency Defense Deployment, or "The Triple D Team"

    Clearly Holly is more level-headed than most of us.

    1. Hmmm, no. I don't know how well men with the skill of unhooking a bra one-handed would work for our mission....
      Miss Violet

    2. The mission is to gather info about any given situation, photos, etc. It's not defense, and it really isn't support either, at least not what I think of when I think of support.

      It's basically news, you know that thing that the press is supposed to do objectively.

      Liberty Press.
      Or take something from the Am.Rev.I that is similar. One of Benjamin Franklin's papers, or perhaps another Am.Rev.I patriots efforts to inform the colonial people.
      Miss Violet

  7. Regional Incident Operations Team

    We have to have a good acronym or we will not be able to have a good looking patch.


    1. R.I.O.T. is a way-cool acronym, G1. But from a PR perspective, it puts a violent spin on the Mission of the III.

      Let's continue to think of cool acronyms, though!

    2. I gotta hunch there'll be a spot for all the acronyms anyone can think of. Big country out there; lotta different interests and lots of ways of achieving them.

      I'm not sure why only the Bad Guys should publicize resorting to violence, though. Personally I think the defining attribute of the FREEFOR/III/Freedom Movement/Whatever, is that it's finally understood that all the talking in the world, and all the great words on sacred paper, can't stop assholes who choose to use violence to get what they want. It is that simple, isn't it?

      At some point, some very large group of regular hard-working people, all armed to the hilt and busting with rage over what's happened, will say, "No, you won't. You won't get away with it any longer." And then the others will say, "Okay, we won't," else it goes hot. Is that wrong, G? I'd like to see another way, but logic ALWAYS holds and either this shit gets stopped or it doesn't. If there's such a thing as a necessary truth, that's it.

      So how could good people be any nicer, leaving the choice to them?

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    most of the right-side column.

  9. Team Foundation


  10. I agree with Fuzzy...I think Liberty must be part of the name. We are educating as well as supporting. This effort will get noticed to some degree. Chance to maybe win some hearts and minds... Other suggestions: 'Liberty Response Team' or 'Liberty Defense Response Team'

  11. given what I did while associated with our military all those years ago, I think "Support" is a very good word to include in the name... I worked in several "Marine Support Battalions", which back then fell under the Radio Battalion command... what's discussed here lies along similar lines... "Support" can be inclusive of a great many things more than water and food, etc....

  12. I thought maybe L.E.T. Teams...Liberty Enactment Team...I think we should be doing more than just reporting news also...We should be prepared to assist in whatever is needed whether it be medical, armorment, transportation, shelter, food,water,clothes etc..JHMO


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