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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Thank you

Thank you to everyone who found a way over the last week to help the III community.  Whether you helped Sandman, sent some bucks to help get the T.O.C. project rolling, or bought a stack of III Militia Patches for your uniform & gear - thank you.

If you donated to the T.O.C. you can count on being commemorated, in some way, on the vehicle.  It may be nothing but your first name painted on a fender, but we believe people who care enough to participate should be thanked for that assistance.

So, at least for a while, I'm going to quit hammering you to pick a cause and drop some money in a bucket.  The III simply can't continue to operate in a manner that when funds are needed for X, we stick our hands out and beg.  I'm usually the one with my hand out, and it sucks.  We usually get our projects done - but it still sucks.  We're going to work that out.

It's a pretty weekend, great for practicing your CQB, or running Buddy Drills with your guys, or teaching the kids the value of the 1911 over all other pistol designs, evah.  ;)

I am going to put the III Militia patch link below for two reasons: Per Sandman, without the word Militia on our clothing when facing FedGov, we are "unauthorized combatants".  No, FedGov isn't going to shoot us any more slowly or prosecute us any less for wearing the tab - but there is always value in doing things right.  The second reason, which is much, much more important, is to continue to show our new Organized Militia that we stand with them.  There is no "Us" and "Them" - it's just Patriots.

III Militia Patches


  1. Bravo everyone. Let's keep working (and helping out financially -- I'll buy my Patches after the 1st when I'm flush again). Call on me any time, I'll do my best to help.

  2. Kerodin,


    I just ordered a patch. I would do more except I just dropped $400 for car insurance yesterday and last night I found out I am going to have to quit my job (murphy's law)
    I live in South Texas near the Eagle Ford shale play and there are job openings in all sectors so finding employment will be somewhat easy. In time I will do more and maybe send some equipment for the T.O.C.

    1. No worries on the amount, my friend. This economy has everyone over a barrel. When people are able to assist projects with cash, great. When they can help with gear, such as an old mummy-style GI sleeping bag everyone has in the basement, that is great. If all someone has got is a "Good luck" offered online, that is great. Even the silent prayers and moral support are invaluable - because I believe in the power of like-minded Souls all wishing and praying for the same outcome.

  3. Don't have much, I did order a patch. There was a link with your email. Can't find it. When should I expect the patch?

    1. I expect the III Militia patches in my shop within 10 days or so, then we'll mail them right out.


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