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Friday, May 2, 2014

Wartime Lies: Economy

I hope no Patriot continues to look at the monthly economic numbers coming from FedGov as any sort of actual indicator of the state of the economy.

This month FedGov claims 288,000 new jobs were created last month, and the new unemployment rate is just 6.3% a drop!  The magnitude of these lies is stunning.

We have 316,000,000 people in America.  When you remove those under 18 and over 65, we are left with a "working age" pool of about 206,000,000.

According to Drudge, quoting FedGov numbers, 92,500,000 Americans "...are out of the workforce..."

That's awfully close to 1/2 of the population who could work who are not working.  FedGov refuses to include those 92,500,000 in their unemployment rate.  If they did, America would have an unemployment rate of damned near 50%.  And just because FedGov refuses to count those people doesn't change the reality - damned near 50% of the population who could/should hold a job - do not.

The people in our Government lie to us on a magnificent scale, on most topics, with very little effort applied to even creating a good lie.  It took me fewer than 5 minutes on Google to come up with the analysis above.  It takes nothing more than a bit of arithmetic.

When you consider that only about 50% of those able to work are working, and that by official numbers 1/2 of the entire population receive Government handouts - the arithmetic screams: 1/2 of the population works, providing the essentials of life for well over 1/2 (the total is 80%+ when you factor SSI, Medicare, Medicaid, and all the essentials of life within the average home like raising their own children).

As CA reminds often: That which can not be sustained, won't...

The people in our Government are lying to us on a scale that is unmatched in our history.  They are lying as we scream toward the cliff - telling us to stop believing our lying eyes - there is no cliff.  They know as well as we know there is a cliff, and we are going to hit it at full speed.  Not one single policy from Washington or our state capitals is designed to genuinely fix any of the problems we face.

They mean to let us hit the cliff, and they will continue accelerating all the way to impact.

Then they mean to put the pieces back together - fundamentally transformed.



  1. The reason FedGov doesn't count these people in their numbers cause the job they have is to vote for the politician who will continue to give them most. These non contributing members of our American Society need to be handed shovels and told to start digging ditches, repairing roads, and picking crops by hand.

    1. Growing up I spent every moment possible of my formative teen years with an uncle who lived on the water just off Chesapeake Bay. He has a simple rule that I never challenged - partly because I had too much respect for him and also because I knew he wasn't kidding.

      The rule: If you don't work today, you don't eat today.

      Our chores were simple. Cut the grass, wash the car, take out the trash and get the burn-barrel going, get the crabs out of the pots and re-bait them - that sort of thing.

      The concept is so simple - contribute to supporting yourself, or die.

      That's not too much to ask of everyone who wants to eat. It doesn't matter much what one does - but do something.

      You nailed it, Major Wolf.

  2. This cliff represents the edge of their existense just as much as for all of us "hoi polloi".

    I don't think they realize it, or are smart enough to see it. Or maybe that Horowitz guy is right and they simply don't care?

    In any case, out of the dischord and smoke we can either buckle under or we can try to build something new. Something improved, returning to proven methods and laws. Like your uncle's take on Miles Standish's adoptation of Paul. Or was it Peter?

    Nothing new under the sun.

    1. I like David Stockman's line---that ain't a cliff; it's a wall.

  3. if I may....... it was the Apostle Paul to the folks in the church at Thessalonica:

    2Thessalonians 3:10 "For even when we were with you, this we commanded you, that if any would not work, neither should he eat."

    I have directly applied this principle in a number of instances within the framework of my varied authority over the years... I remember having once even locked a lunchroom door until a satisfactory level of compliance was achieved... he he he works for me... it's way past time to "lock the kitchen door" against many in this nation of mooches and parasites

  4. "Make them uncomfortable in their poverty".

    -Ben Franklin

    There are currently about 116 million working people in America, not counting government workers. If you add government workers in, there are a total of about 123 million working people in this country today.

    123 million supporting the 92 million who are of working age, but not currently employed.

    NOT sustainable.......


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