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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Are you a "Three Percenter" or a "III Percent Patriot"? Now there is a distinction...

The thugs in Chicago allied with a few other thugs and have begun to call the people who use "illegal guns" in crime in Chicago "three percenters".  I guess they worked their arithmetic to get the desired effect, though they didn't show their work.

But Wirecutter saw right through the spin. 

Bad People are trying to assign the term "three percenter" to criminals using guns, conflating and thereby confusing the Low-Information Idiots that, "Ugh - Three Percenters bad.  Ugh."

I am a III Percent Patriot.  IIIper.  Threeper.  Three Percenter.

Call me what you will.  You may confuse some moron with an EBT about who is the good guy and who is the bad guy - but you will not confuse me or my allies.  Nor will we permit you to take the name and treat it like "Militia".

Militia is a noble word, steeped in American history.  Our enemies tried to smear it.


You want to bang heads with real III Percenters?

Okie dokie, then...

...you bastards think you are the only Americans who have their own version of "The Chicago Way?"

Here's Kenny's piece.



  1. Yes, The Untouchables!
    That movie has many moments
    which gets my adrenaline boiling.
    Much of the America of that time
    is greatly missed today.

  2. "Be polite, be courteous and..."
    Yeah it's like that. Everything is a tool. Your pistol, rifle, beer bottle, keys, car, coffee mug, chair, laptop etc. Next time you are sitting there with one of those tools, think about the "plan" in the afore mentioned quote. Stay safe.
    In Liberty,


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