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Monday, June 23, 2014

Condor Order Tonight

Folks, I am placing a Condor order tonight, midnight Eastern,

Drop by their site www.condoroutdoor.com and if you see anything you want, and color, let me know and I'll zip you a price and place the order with my other stuff tonight.

The above bag is a sling pack - one strap unlike a backpack with 2 straps.

I use sling packs as Tactical Go Bags.  If I am headed out the front door in a hurry because I hear a neighbor scream, or some such, this is what I grab,  Different circumstances, different bags.

I've owned and been selling Condor gear for more than 2 years now.  I've abused it, run it hard, and I have not had anything implode on me.  I trust it.

I am going to begin stocking more Condor, including Tan for you guys and gals who anticipate working in places where OD may draw unwanted attention.  I am over my snit with Cold Steel and KA-BAR, so I am going to begin stocking them again soon.  Maybe not until Idaho, but soon.  If you read my piece on my Randall over at Fighting Blades, you know I think it is awesome.  But if you take a KA-BAR or a Cold Steel into the field, it will never let you down as a blade.

So - get me your Condor order - I'll be pressing the "Place Order" button at midnight Eastern.

If you are a III Society Member, make sure you tell me, and you'll get 10% off.


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