Enemies of Liberty are ruthless. To own your Liberty, you'd better come harder than your enemies..

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

For CavMedic & other Allies

Anyone watching knows CavMedic has been hot all week, from incidents in Georgia to Arizona and beyond.

He is not alone.  His anger is Righteous and justified.

He and those of you who are right there with him, even if your anger is not on display as much, are why we are III.  The moral outrage is what binds us as brothers, and as true Americans.

To my friend CavMedic and every one of you who share the accumulating moral repugnancy of what is happening in our beloved America I promise this to you: We III are taking steps to become better organized, to speak with a louder and more powerful voice than we have ever managed before.

There will be a reckoning.

We are III and we are preparing to unleash our righteous anger upon those who mean to be our Masters.

I will update you all tonight as I am able.  No - you will not see me in handcuffs or on the news.

But to the Enemies of Liberty, I promise my Life, my Fortune and my Sacred Honor to my ally CavMedic and every other III Patriot out there: We are III, and we are coming.



  1. It sends me to that place where evil hides before me because my wrath is so great...You government minions better be praying to whatever gods you worship when the IIIs righteous anger is unleashed...Have you ever smelled the life leaving someone and pondered on what they are facing now...I want you all that are reading this that have evil in your hearts to sit back from your digital device and realize the worst you face here on earth for your evil deeds will be but a taste of what you face in eternity...

  2. Thanks for the generous words.
    I also pledge and promise the sum of my
    life, knowledge and support to my allies
    and the cause.


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