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Monday, June 2, 2014

For those choosing to walk my direction...

I do not have the time to slow down enough to discuss these matters, to lead by the hand.

To survive and to prevail, which I intend, I must move with purpose and intent.

I have no real time to explain why I am doing and what I will do in our near future.

But I am headed this way, if you choose to travel with me, you can begin to discover the why of my actions here.


Those of us who remain alive in a decade may have time to chat...though I doubt we'll be in the mood.

Hell is imminent.  You will enter Hell in the near future.  Whether you exit the other side is beyond my ken, and up to more than merely you.



  1. It breaks my heart to be correct about this:”Baby burned by cops gets worse”
    As I angrily commented previously, this child will most likely die.
    That is not negativity on my part, it has to do with the griveous chest
    wound caused by the flashbang, which I believe is intentionally not being shown or mentioned frequently.
    If that, along with photos of the chest wounds were released, it might push
    outrage over the edge for some.
    Moreover, the severity of burns to the childs internal oral airway, w/o factoring in the chest injuries makes it likely he will not survive.
    In that infamous before and after photo, the “after” photo clearly shows that the toddler has a canula in both nostrils and is intubated, and this indicates that massive swelling of the tongue, throat and nostrils occurred after being burned and proceeded to pinch shut his airway.
    God Bless, heal and protect the victims of evil.

    1. I'd say "Beyond belief," but it just ain't any more. THAT'S beyond belief. Gee, I'd think there's a law against committing this sort of injury to a baby; I'd guess it's even a felony.

      Only one way these felons are getting arrested, though.

  2. When they came for the dogs we didn't stand up because we didn't have dogs, when they came for the elderly we didn't stand up because we weren't elderly, when they came for the children we didn't stand up because we didn't have kids, well you know the rest...Sad really to think no one in that AO is gearing up...Like I've said before they have the ability to make anyone an outlaw...


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