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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

III Arms for Society Members Only

Many of you have been drooling over Jim Miller's III 1911s and III ARs.

If you are a member of the III Percent Society, he's offering you a 10% Discount on your first - and 20% on your second!  Buy a pair Patriots - one for each hand.

The links for joining are below.

The link to Jim's III Arms Page is here.

The IBeam posted here.



  1. I'm not sure buying two $1750 1911's is the most effective use of a Threeper's money. With $3500 to burn, one could drop a grand to be a lifetime member of your org, buy a modern fighting pistol with > bloomburg approved mag capacity, buy a shitload of ammo, and get a course on how to run that gun.

    1. Do you often decide what is best for the other guy?

    2. hey, if you have multiple thousands of federal fiat bux to throw at expensive 1911's, more power to you. I sure wish I had that kind of scratch lying around - but if I did, I'd be spending it on classes.

    3. Ahhh ... envy! Do you feel that you should be the one deciding how others spend their own treasure? How very un-Liberty minded of you as well as engaging in the sin of envy. It's one thing to look at a well made firearm and wish you could have one and another to be envious, to hold animus against those blessed by financial resources you do not possess. I'll pray for you, that envy be erased from your heart.

      Paul L
      III Chaplain Corps

    4. Where are you guys getting this envy and control shit from? Please tell me you're able to tell the difference between someone having a contrary opinion and somebody trying to control what you spend money on! What's with that Mason-Dixon Tactical ad in the corner? ARE YOU TRYING TO TELL ME WHAT TO DO, FASCIST? Give me a break. I get that you're advertising your buddy's guns, but dual-wielding 1911s is fucking stupid. If you want to buy TEN of them and stay strapped like the old man in the Boondock Saints go right ahead, knock yourself out. I would never dream of stopping you. But I'm sure as shit going to roll my eyes. Get a modern weapon with more than 8 rounds in it, get trained, and practice like a motherfucker. Or not, I don't care. Those fancy pistols will be great trophies for the federal ninjas to pull off your room-temperature body. If you're death on two legs with a 100 year old pistol and you've got that kind of money to burn I sure hope you're in my AoO so I can just sit back and relax as you operate all over the place.

    5. Wow. I really do get the link between insufficient meds and 2A now.

      I'm a convert.

      Anon: In all serious, what you are getting from me and these people is something you are still missing.

      In your opening comment you explained what "some other Theepers best use of his money is..." to paraphrase.

      That's your infraction. That's not a contrary opinion, that is you telling someone else how you spend their own money.

      Why doesn't matter. You obviously think $1750 is too high for a custom 1911, you think the Browning design is ancient and that better exists, blah, blah.

      The point is that around here, we worry about ourselves and our money, we don't gratuitously think X is a bad investment for some unknown III Patriot.

      It's none of your business.

      That's all.

      Now that I have used my grown-up words, and way too early in the day: That last comment is surely special and deeply revealing. Get. More. Meds.

  2. Sam,your wit is so good.LOL

  3. +1 Paul...Exactly what I was thinking... Why does anyone need to care what you buy to defend your life and that of your loved ones...Envy, sloth, and greed are some of the major problems here in the US and that's why this country is in the toilet...

    1. Thank you Lineman. Sin gets my dander up ...

  4. I didn't understand the value of a custom 1911 until I got a chance to shoot one of the III Arms 1911s at our PatCon in Idaho last year. Now I know. It's no wonder that top gunsmiths have 1-2 year waiting lists for guns that sell for even twice as much as the one I shot. The feel, the quality, the accuracy - just amazing. I shot better with the first magazine than I do with my regular pistol that I've owned and shot regularly for several years.

    I don't buy expensive things very often. There has to be real value, not just showing off or keeping up with the Jonses. This 1911 has real value to me and I will get one, even though it means saving up and passing on other things I could buy.

    As an aside, if you practice shooting to keep your skill level up, even at 100 rounds per month, you will spend more than the price of any firearm in just a few years.

    Bottom line, it's a very individual choice. Making a broad statement of how it's not worth it is presumptuous. You don't get to decide what is valuable to me.



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