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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Thermopylae & the III Percent Society

Many of you know this is a very special patch, given thus far only to people in the III 300.

Many of you have asked to buy one, and I have said no - because it represents something special.

If you are wondering why you haven't been admitted into the III 300, there are several possible reasons.  The first of which is that I must physically meet you.  I can hear some of you now "Well, dammit K, you've met me, why am I not a III 300, ya Dick?"  Honestly, in many cases, I have simply not had the brainspace or time to do it properly.  The first guys I invited in I simply handed them a patch and said "You're in."  But the III 300 means too much for that to be the way it is done.  For my III 300 allies who already have this patch, keep it.  Retire it when I send you the new one.

So, I spoke with a few of my III 300 guys and we are going to change the III 300 patch, and when I award the new patches it will come complete with a proper document with my live ink signature and wax seal on it.  That probably doesn't mean much to most of you.  But it means something very special to me when I ask a III Patriot to stand with the III 300, and he says yes.

So - what to do with the patches that were being reserved?  I could sell them, pretty easily and put a few more bucks toward the TOC.  But right now our community is coming together in a way that many of us have been trying to make happen for years.  Through the III Percent Society, we are standing up, one by one, bonding with one another, because we share the same goal - Liberty.

I have about 150 or so of the patches above, the III with the Spartan Helm.

I am going to include one in the swag that will be shipped to every III Patriot who has already signed up as a member of the III Society, no matter what level.

And I will give one to every III Patriot who signs up between now and Sunday night - no matter what level you choose.  These patches mean something special to me.  They speak to me of Thermopylae. 

I think we are the Spartans of our day.  Without us, Liberty will die.  In my heart, I know this to be a fact.

So please stand tall and join your fellow III Patriots who have already joined the III Percent Society.  Sign up by Midnight Sunday Night, and I'll include one of these special patches when your swag ships.  The enrollment buttons are below.

Life Membership: ($1,000 or more)

$10 Monthly Payment Plan

Colonial Member - full Payment for 1 year (1 free month - 13 months!)

$20 Monthly Payment Plan

Minuteman - full payment for 1 year (3 free months - 15 months for price of 12!)


  1. You should save the original "reserved" patches.
    They can be used as an updated educative form
    of death cards.

    1. Heh. You can get customized cards for that purpose from Zazzle really cheap ...

    2. Yes, I know.
      My previous comment is a combination of humor and actual purpose.

    3. I've been thinking of D cards for quite a while. But it needs to be the right time...

    4. Agreed.
      I was just suggesting a useful purpose, not that it
      is time for such product placement.

    5. True. However, considering actions by FedGov just this week that time may be sooner than anyof us are comfortable with.
      May God help us all.

      Paul L.
      III Chaplain Corps

  2. I'd love one but just cannot afford it until next Thursday when Uncle craps out my monthly check ...

  3. Cant sign up till Monday AM. If you can, save one for me.
    Craig B


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