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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Knife Rig

Have any of you ever used this rig from Galco before?



  1. Not this specific rig, however I used one in Iraq that was similar and integrated with my shoulder holster, Sidearm under left arm and fighting knife under right arm, worn under a Blackhawk aircrew plate carrier so the weapons were outside the plate carrier and harness underneath. Extra mags in chest pouches.

  2. The problem I've always seen (and experienced) with upside down rigs is retention. As nice as Randall knives are, Sullivan sheaths have stepped down in quality in the past decade, and I'd be concerned about the retaining strap, especially with the longish tail.

    If it was my set up (and, of course, it's easy to 'what if' from the outside), I'd get a more secure kydex type sheath that was tight enough to never lose the blade, but loose enough to draw quickly when needed.

    The Galco brace looks very well made, though....and I'm sure the price tag equals the quality!

    1. I was having the same concerns. Knowing that most of my scrums will be at close range and many will involved going to the ground I don't think the sheath it came with is secure enough. It is a beautiful bit of leather workmanship - but I just can't trust that snap closure with my life.

      I have been toying with the idea of making my own Kydex sheaths for various applications for 2 reasons. 1) It is very easy to do. 2) I can't find the features I want on any commercial rig.

      I'm thinking if I bring the Kydex up and around the handguard, then a cross-strap with 1" of Velcro in place of the current snap, that would make me feel confident. Do you think an inch of Velcro is enough to hold that knife in place in a scrum, in a snug Kydex?

    2. I think the right kind of Kydex sheath won't need velcro; the Kydex should come up over the hilt and secure on the grip side of it, with enough room for you to get a good grip...say an inch over the hilt considering the #2 has a 5 inch grip (thereabouts), you should be fine.

      Interesting, too, if you were to make the Kydex sheaths, you could add a "III" to them....or even a Spartan helm on a few....hmmm....a littler entreprenurial idea....heh.

    3. The entrepreneurial side was bouncing around too. ;)

  3. Have an old Galco rig, pistol holster under left arm, knife and 1 extra mag under the right. Rig was originally made to use the old Gerber MK (whatever) full sized fighter, but works well with an Ek. Wore it while working "private" security. This looks more like a Bar-b-q rig. I'd go with the kydex for field work as well.

  4. Andrews has a fighting knife attachment for their Monarch shoulder rig

    The plate off of the baldric rig can be attached to harness of most shoulder holsters. The allows the knife to be carried handle up and much more securely

    1. Andrews really has some ingenious stuff - thanks for the link!

  5. Don't see a strap keeping the rig on the shoulder. Also, assuming the right side is where a sidearm is kept, the possibility of interference when one needs his sidearm RIGHT NOW is too high. Beautiful leatherwork, though.

    Dee Jay


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