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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Know what happens if you or I lie to a Fed?

Just ask Martha, and many others.

Lying to a Fed will earn you a separate charge of five (5) years in Federal prison.  Even if you are found to be innocent of the original charges they sought.

What happens to a guy from South of the Border who lies to a Fed on his way into the country?

8 U.S. Code § 1325 - Improper entry by alien: He "might" get fined up to $250 and he "might" go to prison for up to six (6) months.

Folks, you and I know this on a fundamental philosophical level: When men are not treated equally under the law, then the concept of the "Rule of Law" and "A nation of Laws, not Men" is just a sham, first-class hooey.  My tone sounds light.  But I am not.  When one man may face little or no penalty for the same "crime" as may I, I have a serious f'n problem with the law makers, the law supporters, and the law enforcers, and the jailers.  And the court clerks who keep that machine running.  And the people who sell copy paper and bullets and computers to the attorneys and court clerks and the guy who sells all of them bagels in the morning.

When basic fairness is only a maybe in any given day, what have you got to lose by putting the throttle to the firewall in everything you do?

I'm not being flippant or snarky.  I am serious.  If I have as much chance of going to prison for decades during a traffic stop as the car in front of me, under what logical premise do I permit myself to be pulled over by people capable of taking me to prison?  I think most of us would be just fine we reasonable laws applied equally.  That's not where we live.

I am a hardcore Constitutionalist.  But now I may shock some:  Tell me which system is better: The system we have, which is a façade of the RoL.  Or, true Anarchy.

People are pushing me to play in the world of anarchy until I can have a world spoken of by Mister Jefferson.



  1. They are forcing all of us there. In anarchy, there is no political belief nor organizational structure to society. There are many theorists that claim we must devolve to anarchy in order to destroy the accretions and abuses that have become instutionalized. Only through that destruction may the alliances of people that grow into a new society and nation may be built upon the ashes of the old regime and society. If this is the case, only the strongest and best trained shall survive and emerge as leaders around whom survivors coalesce to create the foundations of the new society and nation. I intend to be one of those involved in the moral and ethical basis of our eventual society and nation, the newly revived and restored America.

    Paul L
    III Chaplain Corps
    We Are III

  2. Newsflash---this is anarchy. That the largest and best organized gang of thugs happens to trace its origin to the pretense of being a constitutional government, doesn't make it a constitutional government. It's just an interesting historical tidbit, that's all. Things are what they are. This IS life without law.

  3. Out of the Ashes...I think more and more that's going to be the case...Its past the point of going peacefully, past going with just a few battles, and headed full speed towards Armageddon...

  4. The fact that members of Congress can act upon insider information to make money in the stock market but everyone else will go to jail for doing it is TYRANNY. Also when FED regulatory agencies can have mutual fund managers pressure them to hold off making regulatory decisions that are literally life and death choices, so that the fund manager can make extra money is TYRANNY.

    Like Billy Jack said " when the lawmakers and their enforcers break the law, then there is no law, Just a fight for survival." (Paraphrased to suit the theme)

  5. I am an anarchist. The philosophy fits perfectly with Thomas Jefferson's "Rightful Liberty" in every way.

    I was a Constitutionalist once. That phase didn't last long in me. The more I learned and the more I let my rational brain dig deeper, the less consistent the Constitutionalist position seemed. At that point I was libertarian. And, I still am, but I keep stripping away more and more inconsistencies. I now consider myself an anarchist or a Voluntaryist.

    Most people who hate anarchy aren't using the correct definition- they are using the one placed into their minds by the "authorities" (who also have corrupted even the dictionary definition through "common usage").

    Oh, and happy Random Acts of Anarchy Day!


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