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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Who is the III Percent Society for America?

Many of you may assume that Kerodin is the guy behind the new III Percent Society for America.

Many of you know I have considered such an organization for years, a vehicle for bringing III Patriots together, all facing the same direction, working with allies, et cetera.  The time was never "right".

At Brock's spring PatCon several III Patriots began discussing the concept.

I apologize for nothing - I jumped in with both feet and was blunt - I wanted to play an important role.  But the true III Patriots who made this happen have given me permission to share their names with you.  You deserve to know.  And frankly, when you realize who is standing with me, I think you should have much more confidence in the organization.  I take nothing away from myself, but I do know my weaknesses, my vulnerabilities, and the fact that I am just one guy.  The men and women who helped get the III Society off the ground are hardcore.  And we all share the commitment that this organization be different than all those groups that have disappointed us in the past.  If you choose to be a member, you will have voting responsibilities.  If you choose to be a member, many of you will be recruited by your fellow Patriots to sit on the Board to set goals and agendas and ensure Liberty returns in our lifetime.  One year from the time the doors open, the Board will have seats that must be filled by members.

Enough of me prattling.  I'm not going to use surnames.  Most of these guys are "out" but I don't know to what extent.  You'll recognize them well enough by their online handles.

Tom "The Trainer" from the Defensive Training Group.

Pete "Concerned American" from WRSA

Jim Miller, President of III Arms, Kidney Donor to Mrs. Heller, and one of the most fervent III Patriots you'll ever meet.

Miss Violet - you know her from her own blog, from her comments, from her exemplary and dedicated work on the Citadel and other projects.  I know this woman personally and well.  She was invited in by Tom, which proves not only her value, but his Leadership.

J.C. Dodge from Mason-Dixon Tactical Training.  Yeah.  That guy.  Hardcore to the bone Patriot.

Holly - and not because she's my wife.  Any one of you who has ever met her knows she carries her weight, some of my weight, has a professional resume, and work ethic that makes K Street drool.

Quietman3.  He's one of those guys in the shadows.  Do Not go into the shadows if he's in hunting mode.

Alan Mullenax - If you've met him, I do not need to say another word.  He was in DC with us in October.  He's one of those guys who made Capitol Police tremble with their backs pressed against the White House fence.

I am the least of this group.  I am humbled to be in their presence.  Now you know why I fought so hard to be among them.

When you read the bylaws you will read that in one year there will be elections to the Board of Directors.  I know a great many of you, some I have met personally, who would serve the cause of Liberty by having a place on this Board.  I hope you will consider jumping in with both feet as I did.  Because the group above are History-makers.  As are you.

For those of you considering Life Membership and Son of Liberty status - I just gave you the best 8 reasons I know to join the III Percent Society and help restore Liberty.

Tomorrow we will open the rolls for Colonials and Minutemen.

Here's the link for Life Members.  Join now, Patriots.


  1. I am III. I am SOL. :)

    1. Hey, at least you can joke aout it. ;-)

      Miss Violet

    2. All joking aside, I will wear my III Son of Liberty patch with honor and ask God that I may live up to the ideals we have set forth.

      We are one, we are III.


    3. Alex, I'll buy a "b".....
      Miss Violet

    4. Don't worry, we all make typos. Except K! He must have one hell of a proof reader. I've never seen a typo or grammatical error. How do you do it K? Also the ability to convey his ideas is amazing. Very impressive. I think K and WireCutter need to write books to help fund the III Society.

    5. He does have an AMAZING proofreader! Miss Holly! She is outstanding. She is so intelligent and articulate and she has an eye for proofreading, whether it's print or people. ;-)
      Miss Violet

    6. Miss V. Thanks for the "proofreader" compliment. But, in all honesty, when it comes to THIS blog, unless I see something that is overtly so horrendous, my blood curdles, I let all manner of errors -- especially punctuation errors -- slip by. I pick my battles. I have said a thousand times: "That comma goes INSIDE the quotation marks." Some lessons are beyond my ability to teach. I accept my failings.

      Appreciate the compliments though. Sounded like I was deflecting. Wasn't. Just not accepting kudos for something I don't deserve. Legal docs, books, articles, I'm all over it. Not here.

      Can hardly wait to see you! And no one reads people the way you do.


    7. Yep, "intelligent and articulate" best describes it. By the way nice to meet you both!

    8. Nice to meet you too TD. Any chance you're in an area you can attend our III Citadel PatCon in Idaho? If so, we'll see you there. If not, we'll be thinking of you and many others.
      III to III
      Miss Violet

    9. TD, I hope to have the pleasure of meeting you in person soon. Your input, ideas, and advice relative to aspects of the TOC have been much appreciated. Thank you, sir!


    10. Hi Holly and Miss Violet. In regards to the TOC, it's what I do. I want to ensure that it will meet it's mission statement under all conditions. Whether it's deployed in the desert during the summer or Minnesota during the winter, it has to work to get the truth out and get our guys home. As for the PatCon, I'll have to see but I'd love to meet you all personally also.

  2. I am humbled to walk alongside such Patriots as well as to serve alongside Prepping Preacher in the III Chaplain Corp. Our dedication to serve the needs of III Percent Society for America, the members as well as all III Percent Patriots in our shared effort to restore Rightful Liberty to our nation fulfills my desire and hope to serve in that just and proper cause. I dedicate my life, my fortune and my sacred honor to that goal.

  3. Suppose someone wants to donate and wants to be a part of seeing his/her vision of the future become present day down the road. Suppose said person does not want any more of a trail than necessary. Based on said persons personal thinking on opsec? Said person may enjoy or find vital that living In the remaining sliver of shadow is important. Also said person can't free the funds for lifetime dollar amount. What payment options exist to him or her if they were so inclined to join. Theoretical of course.

    1. First - thank you for wanting to support III efforts and being willing to work for your Liberty.

      I don't think there'd be any problem sending gold or silver (US Eagles only) that gets close to the level you are seeking would be acceptable. (I don't trust FRNs in the mail at all) As for keeping you in the shadows, you'd have to decide about the swag. Provide a snail mail address and we can send things out for the level you choose. The only bit of swag you may want to opt-out of would be the ID card - unless you convey privately a call-sign or code name that we will keep in our records - so if you ever need to prove you are Mr. X, you can show the card with the code name, we'll match with our record, and know it is you and good to go. The only people in the Corporation who would have access to your code name would be the Board, Treasurer, Secretary and President - until there is a need to know.

      None of us would ever know your real name, we'd protect your code name, your ID card would show your code name and unique number...we'd be good to go.

      The only weak spot is providing us a snail mail where we can send stuff to you. You've probably already got that part worked out if you're gray.

      The PO Box we are using for the TOC is one of our 3 Officers. We've placed orders for most of the swag already, and will place the rest tonight/tomorrow. That means we'll start receiving in 7-14 days, then shipping to members.

      Theoretical, of course.

    2. I just joined at 20 per month. Perhaps you could organize F2F signups, lifetime or otherwise, at Brock's or other/similar event?

      That way, one could still retain at least partial anonymity, as far as bank monitors can see, anyways. Personally, I'd be more inclined to part with lifetime level funds, given that option.

    3. Anon: That is a brilliant idea, and one I think we have to implement as soon as we are able. When we do events we should have the necessary paperwork. Hopefully when III Arms does Gun Shows he'll be able to do the same.

      Thanks for the idea!


  4. Lord, give them eyes that they may see,

    and ears to hear the song of liberty,

    let freedom ring across the land,

    without much bloodshed in the sand,

    let them feel their greatest error,

    a rising song of unholy terror,

    to feel the blade of envy strike,

    the coveting that takes their might,

    the darkest horse that takes their sight,

    release the Godly from their fright.

    to take them from the greatest height,

    so when the darkness sings its songs,

    releasing demons in their throngs,

    they remember your gift of liberty,

    and see your Light from sea to sea...

    1. AMEN and Amen!

      Paul L.
      III Chaplain Corps
      Animabus nostris sacrum honorem nos fortunis


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