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Thursday, June 19, 2014

III Percent Society: Colonials & Minuteman Members - We are live!

I want to remind everyone again, because this is important - whether you join the III Percent Society for America or not, NO MAN has the right to say you are not a III Patriot.  Being a III Patriot is a matter of your heart, your Soul, your desire for Liberty.  It is not in a card, or a membership.  Joining the III Society is nothing more than helping a group of III Patriots who want to do big things with you, who want to be able to respond when LEO flash-bangs a baby or murders an old man in his own driveway.  It's about Tribe - our Tribe.  Whether you join or not - you are III.  Period.

If you'd prefer to sign up at the Official III Percent Society blog site, click here.

$10 Monthly Payment Plan

Colonial Member - full Payment for 1 year (1 free month - 13 months!)

$20 Monthly Payment Plan

Minuteman - full payment for 1 year (3 free months - 15 months for price of 12!)

Thank you III Patriots! Kerodin III


  1. Sadly, I have to wait until the 3rd of the month to sign up as a Minuteman. Flat tapped out this month, too many doctor's co-pays this month.

    Paul L.
    III Chaplain Corps
    Nostra Religione Nos Fortunis

  2. It would be great to see a counter of the different subscription levels.

  3. https://defensivetraininggroup.wordpress.com/2014/06/20/iii-percent-society-for-america-2/

    And as the post says, all III Percent Society members will enjoy a 15% discount for all training classes taken with DTG.

    And yeah, we're members. :-)

  4. Yeah man, I signed up for the Minuteman membership but I ain't sure the payment schedule went through. Will you check it for me and let me know if it did or didn't?
    I'll get this computerin' shit down some day.

    1. Yep - went though perfectly. Thanks for the support!

  5. I'd be happy to cover Paul for the first month...I can't spread my wealth far enough to sign myself up monthly right now but feel obligated to pitch in for someone that's done so much...In fact I would rather pay Pauls monthly than my own...

    If this is a possibility please reply and I'll email whomever needs emailed to figure it out...

    Sincerely ringo


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