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Friday, June 20, 2014

III Percent Society - Memberships!

Our thanks to everyone who has joined the new III Percent Society already, and to all of you who have written and said you'll be enrolling tonight or over the weekend!  Your support proves how many of you are with us when we say it is time for the III to be much, much more than an internet presence.

We have a few internal goals for this opening weekend:

We need 7 more Son of Liberty Members to hit our goal.

We need 84 more Minutman Members to hit our goal.

We need just 68 more Colonial Members!

The links are in the two posts below.

It has been an even mix of people choosing the monthly enrollment and those who are paying up front.  That is a good combination.  It gives us some up-front revenue and it also gives us a steady monthly revenue stream so we can budget.

Do whatever works for you, Patriots.  We are working overtime to get the swag shipments in, and out to you - please give us a bit of patience on that one.

Because of you, and those of you who will sign-up, the III will be in more places - not to give speeches, but to do real work.

Freedom is not free.  It is expensive in sweat and blood.  Thank you for helping us do this important work.



  1. Sorry I have to miss the kick off. Payment will be made the end of the month. Save some swag.
    Craig B

    1. No worries, Craig. You are always around when the balloon goes up. We'll save you a swag bag. ;)

    2. I will be setting up a minuteman after I get my motherly allowance. I want in.

  2. I signed up for the minuteman today and am curious as to how I can get more involved?
    Phil N


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