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Saturday, June 21, 2014

III Percent Society for America

Wherever you may think
we found the inspiration
for our shoulder patch,
you are probably wrong.
Mission Statement of the III Percent Society for America: The restoration of Rightful Liberty in America.

**NOTE**  Defensive Training Group is offering 15% class fee discounts for all Colonial and Minuteman Members, and 20% for all Son of Liberty Lifetime Members, Mason-Dixon Tactical (J.C. Dodge), and III CQB is offering significant training discounts to Official III Society Members.  Jim Miller is offering 10% and 2 free PMags for Colonials and Minuteman Members, and for our Lifetime Members: 15% on your first III Arms firearm and 20% on a pair!

I know individuals and very small bands of III Patriots all over this continent. I have met them.  I know more through this blog, and through the other Liberty Movement blogs I visit.

What every III Patriot understands is the need for more of us, in better communication and coordination, if we are to face the Evil which this way comes.

The III Percent Society for America is that communication and coordination.  It is NOT Command or Control.  It is III Patriots joining together to pull the rope in the same direction.

I hope you will sign up this weekend.  A steady revenue stream means we can get more work done.  It means we can help individual Patriots form Buddy Teams, and more.

I will not put the hard push on as I did a few weeks ago for the TOC.  I've already listed several of the key participants for the Society - every one of them a serious Patriot.  I have already explained the III Society will never disappoint the way NRA and Oathkeepers and so many other organizations have in the past. 

I have already explained it is our intent to go into Harm's Way.

When it comes to the III Percent Society, either you get it, or you don't.

Yours in Liberty.


Life Membership:

$10 Monthly Payment Plan

Colonial Member - full Payment for 1 year (1 free month - 13 months!)

$20 Monthly Payment Plan

Minuteman - full payment for 1 year (3 free months - 15 months for price of 12!)


  1. What was the inspiration for the shoulder patch

    1. I'll tell you if you are a member, and you agree to keep it confidential.


  2. My only issue with it is USASOC uses almost the same logo. Couldn't we be a little more original. Kind of reminds me of militia units with people that call themselves colonel in units with like 15 people. It makes us look bad.

  3. It may look like we are copying SOCOM to some, when in fact we are not. I rather enjoy that the average onlooker is mistaken when he looks at us and sees "SOCOM wannabes" in a patch. We'll explain the history and meaning to members in time.

  4. On the subject of benefits for membership, all Life Members will receive a 20% discount on all classes taken at DTG; Minute Men and Colonials, 15%.

  5. Not trying to slam you here, so PLEASE take the time to read my whole comment.

    I am unsure what, exactly, you are asking us to buy into. I must be dense, but I seem to be missing it in all of your posts.


    What, exactly, are you going to do when everyone signs up....P{lease, be specific.

    'Who benefits from the monies: Are people paid salaries or somehow compensated for their time or otherwise receiving any of the membership money as a wage or compensation?

    What, exactly, are you going to do with the money that members provide when joining?

    Who decides when/where/how to use these funds?

    Please, answer these questions.


    1. B - fair questions, and I have to build a better FAQ.

      Right now and into the foreseeable future, no salaries. When we get to the point that a position relies upon a full-time employee, we shall hire one. In the bylaws we have tied ALL salaries to military pay scales, so no one can game the system like LaPierre at NRA who earns a million bucks a year. For us, it's all tied to number of members.

      What will we do? We will continue to bring Patriots together as we have been, building unity, cohesion, morale. We will physically show up at places like Habersham County where they flash-banged the baby in the playpen. We will physically get to important events and make sure we get REAL audio/visual/interviews disseminated via our web teams out to the world. We'll support smaller bands of Patriots with training and gear where we can.

      And never forget, members will help drive our agenda. If a hotspot needs attention and our members agree, we'll do our best to get there and make a III presence, get the Truth out, and make enough noise that local officials and politicians MUST answer for their flagrant disregard of Liberty and law.

      Sorry my response was so quick - feel free to follow-up.


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