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Friday, June 27, 2014

One Week: You, Me, LGoPs, the III Society = Rightful Liberty in One Week

I am often fascinated by that subset of people who will go to great lengths to explain why you can't physically accomplish X or Y.

In the post below, a 22-year veteran of the USMC posited that dragging the right 100 or so people into the street and putting bullets in their heads would solve 95% of our national problems nearly overnight.  Not too many smart people would disagree.

Consider my One Week Plan.  If LGoPs (Little Groups of Patriots) followed the Marine's example across the country in unison, which is nothing more than the Standing Order of "When you think it is time to leave the porch, go find something Evil and kill it."  Hell a three-day weekend of work by LGoPs following their Standing Order and the counsel of an experienced US Marine would return Rightful Liberty to America - wait for it - in One Week.

Sure, there'd be some mopping actions here and there.  But the run-of-the-mill major and petty Enemies of Liberty would be dead, dying, and those alive would be cowering with no infrastructure to inflict injury upon  good people any longer.

One Week.

Here is one truth about any man who says he can't do something - he's right.

We are III.  We do not bend knee.

Use this information as you will.


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