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Saturday, June 28, 2014

III & the Border Invasion

I've been asked by a few what the III Percent should be doing about the invasion from south of the border.  I'm responding for Kerodin alone, not the III Society - the Society will have it's own official channels of communication when the time is proper.

My cold assessment: No III Patriot should go to the southwest with any intention of "protecting the border" or such.  The only way to stop those people coming over the border is to kill them, and that is not an appropriate response, especially for women and children who probably have (figuratively, maybe literally) bayonets at their backs forcing them to march north.

What is happening in our southwest is big politics, orchestrated by Washington.  We do not even know what their endgame is at the moment.  There is nothing constructive any single III or all of us could do down there, except give our own .Gov reason to kill us as they "defend the humanitarian crisis" taking place.

I haven't seen any reliable numbers of what the total number of illegals is since this started.  I know most estimates prior were about 12 million in-country.  Right now FedGov is deliberately distributing the new wave from Los Angeles to Texas, and I don't know how far north.  I have said before it is an easy feat to get the herd moving.  When it is right, we can get the herd moving back whence they came.  But that isn't going to happen right now.

Look at old maps of Mexico - he is giving them their historic homeland back, and packing it with "defenders".

The fundamental transformation of America.

He said it.  He meant it.  He's doing it.



  1. Sanest and best thought out response to this from any blogger yet--Ray

  2. Look at old maps of Mexico - he is giving them their historic homeland back, and packing it with "defenders".

    ill be damned some one finally noticed

  3. I would call this invasion more of an orchestrated invite to further subvert liberty. Do not be fooled. Our government is not being humanitarian by not protecting the borders and allowing these people into our country. Instead .gov is recruiting, feeding, clothing, and billeting these "refugees" in and on abandoned military bases, schools, etc all across the country. Any logical thinking person should be able to deduce that after these invaders are given the right to vote, they will vote in block as other minorities have traditionally voted and that is for communist/free stuff/democrat douche-bags. I think the men and women who call themselves republicans and or conservative who are supporting the coming amnesty are either bought, blackmailed, or threatened with death (either theirs or their families), or all of the above listed. On the larger spectrum I believe TPTB will infringe further upon liberty using the guise of controlling the illegals in the form of travel restrictions, internal passports/travel papers, checkpoints (we are already seeing employee reporting procedures), etc. The aliens will be cited by the ministry of propaganda as the reason for further restrictions.and a lot of people will fall for the same old "it is for our own good", "it is for the children", "if you don't have anything to hide why would you care?" line of BS. What is the purpose of having a "country" if it does not have defined borders and is set apart in customs, traditions, government and the rule of law? What is the value of being a citizen (especially if you are one of the ones who are having the fruits of your labor confiscated from you under the threat of imprisonment and even death) where the whole ponzi scheme is a "one way street and illegal invaders are faring better than many of our fellow "citizens".

  4. This is how the Liberals will win the next election, letting in all these animals, the church groups will lend a helping hand to save them, and low and behold no matter who runs they will win and Conservative America get screwed harder.

    I have said it before, put troops on booth boarders with shoot to kill orders.

  5. Uh----people---Matt Bracken has already foretold where ozero and the white liberals are taking the country....read his books right here to see where we are and will be going...


    And John Ross has already told you how Henry Bowman would handle the situation correctly ..... so start doing your part....


  6. I strongly disagree.
    By not doing anything, I believe that we are playing Russian roulette with
    a fully loaded wheel gun.
    Without question, we are unnecessarily causing more work and more loss, by counting on digging them out at a later date, long after they become entrenched with the approximately eleven million already here illegally(and breeding).
    I doubt that the majority of citizens(that matter) would be overly upset, if armed citizens were shooting the adult males operating the boats, jet skis, cartel skiffs and Mexican army aircraft as they approached the border, or soon after crossing it.
    Well, I had better get back to practicing playing Russian Roulette with a full load. I think the extra training will be needed.

    1. Cav: What could you, me, and 50 III Patriots do that would change the border invasion?

    2. Emulate Captain John Parker at Lexington Green: "Stand your ground. Don't fire unless fired upon, but if they mean to have a war, let it begin here." Only in this way will the political elites understand (as all tyrants are ignorant until the first rounds are fired) that they have over-reached.
      Until that trigger event this is but a resistance movement of words and ideas. Is that time now? I know not but that time is fast approaching. Am I willing to stand in front of the barricades and try to reason with OpFor and the invaders to desist are turn back? Yes. Am I willing to be slain in that effort? Yes. Am I willing to spend the rest of my days as a prisoners should I survive? Yes.
      Animabus nostris sacrum honorem nos fortunis Thus have I sworn upon the sacred altar of God. Selah, so let it be done according to God's will.

  7. For starters, LGOP tailored for that mission.
    Also, you have already provided a possible answer,
    in your previous tactical assessment of what the
    Bundy Ranch mobilization should seek to (and did) accomplish
    Furthermore, is it implausible to mobilize LST personnel and for
    the purpose of gathering, recording and disseminating videos and
    Even if the current tidal wave of illegal immigration was not occuring, the continued incursion by Mexican soldiers is.
    In souther Arizona alone, I have heard that ranchers and residents have regularly been terrorised and harassed.
    Surely, organizing and enacting a counter to that which would yield actual results, would resonate far and wide, especially as effective psyops.
    Make no mistake, the previous is just me trategizing for the hip. I am not dictating, making demands, or suffering from tin-pot dictator delusions of grandeur.
    What I do know for certain, is that even the Patriots who are consistently doing it correctly and well, it is not getting the job done.
    Yes, this especially includes me, as I always point my finger at a mirror first.
    Hopefully, I am providing useful suggestions to your question.
    What I am certain of is that something must be done, on some front, in some way, in a realistic operational capacity, to start achieving concrete results of returning to a sound Constitutional Republic.
    I know, as I am certain that you do, 50 determined Patriots(people) can cause one hell of a ruckus, and a victorious one of tangible results at that.

    1. You know I'm not beating you up when I ask your opinion of what to do - it's looking for ideas I may have missed.

      First: It would be priceless if any III Patriots in those areas would take the imitative, go to some of these places along the border and in the cities, and send CA and me and Brock and Wirecutter firsthand images. You and I shouldn't have to call for it, but it looks like we do. I know if it was in your neck of the woods, you'd already be out there.

      Second: Sending the TOC (when it is ready for deployment) would only have the same value as independent III have now in the area - get images and stories, and send them back. If no -one else will do it, we'll find a way to get it done in the next month or so. (The TOC is just not ready to deploy at the moment).

      Third: I would suggest the problem at the border can't be fixed at the border. It must be fixed in Washington DC. That's where the water valve is located, and that is the only place the water valve can be shut off.

      You and I know what it would take to shut off that valve.

      Open, full-scale hot war.

    2. Open, full-scale hot war.
      Agreed. Scout the border stations. I have seen video and photos of abandoned and open border stations, no CBP personnel present, gate open and people and vehicles crossing north into Texas and Arizona freely without restriction. Take and hold the border station just as the rebels in the Ukraine are doing. Barricade the roadway, barricade the approaches. Patrol the border as far as practicable. No one passes either way. Broadcast the event. WEAR uniforms and act in a mature and responsible manner. Avoid armed conflict. The ROE is to only return fire if it threatens actual harm (not a random shot to intimidate.

    3. I did not interpret your previous
      question as a beat down of my

    4. Good, just making sure. Sometimes people hear the voice of Satan when they read me. ;)

    5. Oft that is the voice of Satan interpreting what you write. Those who have hatred in their hearts hear not the voice of reason nor the voice of God. They hear (read) only with the understanding of hatred, the true voice of Satan.

    6. K,
      That's just because Satan is scared of the III and is seeking a restraining order against you! ;)

  8. I say again, at the moment, there is no longer a defended southern border. There is nothing psuedo about it, or the amnesty that now exists.

  9. I am w Cav opinionwise. Make contact w AZ see how we the people can help. Texas too.

  10. The best you could do now down there, seems to me, is protect some of those ranchers and farms. Sounds like a fine deed too...but "securing the border" ain't happening anytime soon, except maybe by state National Guard. They probably couldn't get it done either and even if they could, they'd likely become enamored of the power. Just what we need, right?

    There's no shortage of people who need protection or serious support of one kind or another, and I'd guess the list grows by hundreds each day, at least. Anyone has to pick their spots carefully, with a focus on principle. That flashbanged baby was a sick story and a "good one," so to speak, for image. But in principle, it was no different than any of the other flashbanging going on regularly, nearly everywhere. One brings the other...it either gets stopped or it doesn't.

  11. this latest illegal issue - that of busing women and minor children around the sw states - is very likely a multi-pronged effort... one being the obvious: to bring in as many votes as possible to stack the political deck... another is quite possibly to see if tptb can provoke someone to take that first shot... yet another is the clower-piven model of breaking the system by flooding it... there is a 4th and very plausible reason for this latest infringement and that is the furtherance of the "one nation" theory promoted by the bushes... no border between the US and either Mexico and Canada.... what better way to dissolve a border than to import those from a contiguous country into an area close to their own - an area once occupied quite possibly by the ancestors of those imported... it puts a whole new spin on the phrase, " the south will rise again"...

  12. It has nothing to do with elections, "saving the children", or any other of the multiple catchphrases, it is all about bringing in "The North American Union".


  13. I think one possible tactic shoul dbe to organize protests and blockades of these housing facilities that the illegals are being held at. Lay seige to them and not allow the buses to take them to other locations. It may only be plausable to do at a single location but the optics of it are highly visible. Make demands that the govenors mobilize the state police and shut down the feds ability to illegally move these people throughout the state. This is a solid 10th amendment issue and the govenors have the position to demand that these illegal cases stop being dumped into their already overtaxed social welfare system.
    Make the feds back down and make the states assert their jurisdiction. Anything to make them demonstrate their illegitimacy.



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