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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Normalcy Bias

Here is a simple observation I have made as I read various bloggers (not the core group who I have listed in my blog roll),  and commenters everywhere from WRSA, this blog, J.C., Max, to Slate and other scary places where good Patriotic Lads should not be, is that very, very few people understand that RevWarIII (Or Civil War II if you prefer) is underway, it is being fought across CONUS, right now.

Men and women are not merely being murdered by politicians and their Praetorians, they are being murdered as Enemy Combatants.

Even those Patriots, Preppers, Survivalists who cry doom and gloom 24/7 who insist they get it, behave every day in ways that demonstrate they are not living as if we are at war with an Occupying Force. 

I am only going to bother saying this one more time: You had better un-fuck yourself, right now.

I am going to say this, and it may be the first time: You had better cut ties with everyone who is not yet un-fucked.

I know many of you, and many I have met in person, are living their lives with the understanding that we Patriots are all behind enemy lines, we are an Occupied Country, that at any moment in any day Evil People may begin to go hard upon some significant physical region, or maybe even you personally.

You and I see it with our own eyes.  We hear their words with our own ears.

A trusted ally recently told me his biggest fear is Normalcy Bias. "It can't happen here, or to me"

Normalcy Bias can afflict us all, as we are creatures of habit prone to cognitive dissonance.

He also recently said something else that hit me like a ton of bricks.  I asked him if I had my tinfoil hat too tight on a particular topic.  His reply (paraphrased): "In times like these the question is not "Am I just being paranoid.  The question should be "Am I being paranoid enough!"

LGoPs - got one?

Check yourself and make sure you are not slipping.



  1. Found at thedailysmug.blogspot:
    US Army Sgt gives iraqi police a telling off-This is awesome http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cj6AXvkBnv4

    That's it, in it's purest form.
    Either you understand, or you don't.
    Damn, to have been one of his soldiers, for one second, of one minute, of one hour, of a single day.

    1. Thanks, Cav!

      Watched it. This will probably go viral. Only about 50,000+ view so far.

      [Warning: adult language. Use earphones if children are in the room.]

    2. The video was posted in 2010, I am certain he has been
      run out of the service by now.
      There is no place in the Army for soldiers.


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